Dutch ACademic Cyber Security Society (ACCSS) Launched
On 3 February, a new association for scientists (natural, alpha and gamma sciences) active in the field of cybersecurity in the Netherlands has been launched. The association is called: ACCSS (pronounced as ‘access’ and short for ACademic Cyber Security Society)


The new interdisciplinary association has the following goals:
1. It acts as the hub of the network of all cyber security scientists in the Netherlands;
2. It acts as a gateway for public and private parties who want to contact cyber security scientists in

the Netherlands; of alpha, beta and gamma signature; and
3. It acts as mouthpiece and representative of cyber security scientists in the Netherlands to highlight shared positions and to provide input in policy processes where expertise on cyber security is required.


The association will position itself as an unambiguous and recognizable point of contact and as a representative of science within the new collaboration platform cyber security that is being established, and which can be seen as the successor to dcypher.


The association will open a website to make the results of scientific cyber security research accessible to interested parties from within and outside academia, such as the government and the business community. The site will provide an overview of research ambitions, current cybersecurity research and activities such as summer schools. In addition, the site will show which higher education courses there are in the Netherlands.


Through membership registration and the adoption of statutes, a step-by-step approach is taken towards formal establishment, which should be completed on 1 July.