First Security Guards with SDR-certificate


Ten security guards from Risk Security Holland have received the certificate after a three-day training at SDR Academy. This was announced by the industry association VBe NL. The security guards are trained in signalling deviant behaviour.


This is the first result of the agreement between VBe NL and SDR Academy for quality improvement of employees (of which profiling is one issue). SDR stands for Search Detect React. Founder Ran Cohen has a lot of experience both abroad (Israel) and in The Netherlands in detecting deviant behaviour in visitors of events and public spaces. SDR Academy trains employees of a lot of different (government) organisations. Director Wilco Huijer of Rish Security Holland (also a board member of VBe NL) attaches great value to this training. “It’s important to detect deviant behaviour of visitors at big events. That’s where our colleagues have succesfully been trained for during the three days. Deviant behaviour is for example when someone switches lines all of a sudden. As a security guard you need to be aware of thing like that.”


Training will be continued


Also other members of VBe NL are going to train their employees with SDR Academy. One example is Security Inc. and also the company of Wilco Huijer will send 10 new colleagues to the training starting in 20018.


More information can be found on the website of SDR Academy.


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