HSD partner Hudson Cybertec and NEN sign Agreement on Training Platform Cyber Security

On 5 October 2016 NEN and Hudson Cybertec signed an agreement to commit themselves to improve the cyber security of industrial systems. By bringing together the strengths of both parties, they form a new training platform for cyber security in industrial and technical IT environments. In the near future it will also allow participants to be examined by NEN on their knowledge of cyber security and protection of critical infrastructures.



The complexity and the degree of automation of technical installations is continuously increasing. The digitisation of our society has revolutionised the way we use information. Organisations are becoming more dependent on IT and the Internet of Things is growing exponentially. The primary processes, controlled by Industrial Automation & Control Systems, have become increasingly vulnerable to cyber attacks. Therefore it is important that organisations are aware of cyber risks that may arise and can protect their critical infrastructures.



Marcel Jutte, Managing Director Hudson Cybertec: "The training we offer is open to everyone, regardless of the level of knowledge about cyber security of the primary processes.” This development is in line with the Human Capital Agenda and the ambition of HSD to increase the number of skilled employees available for security organisations. Part of the Human Capital Agenda is the Security Talent webpage that offers an up-to-date overview of jobs, assignments, internships, public and private courses and trainings in security.


About Hudson Cybertec

HSD partner Hudson Cybertec is a cyber security solution provider, globally involved with cyber security projects for industrial automation and control systems. The company has full focus on cyber security in the Industrial Automation & Control Systems (IACS) domain.

Hudson Cybertec is primarily active in the domains that belong to the Critical Infrastructure, such as energy, oil & gas, water and the chemical & process industry, but also operates in other markets.


About NEN

NEN supports the standardization process in The Netherlands. NEN is a knowledge network in the world of standards and regulations in the Netherlands. As a non-profit organisation it brings parties together to jointly applicable agreements and facilitates its implementation.

In addition, NEN also initiated the Industrial Cyber Security platform which provides a professional network of specialists. The aim of the platform is to strengthen the awareness of vulnerability and associated security risks within the Dutch industry and other users.


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