Announced: First MBO-Level Elective Course ‘Secure Programming’

Within P@CT (Partners in @ction for Cyber Talent), a collaboration of various actors in the education and security field work together to improve cyber security educational programmes for intermediate vocational education (MBO) and higher vocational education (HBO). As a result of this cooperation a new MBO elective 'secure programming' will start in May 2017. The close cooperation between educational institutes and businesses make it the first of its kind in The Netherlands.


The new elective will help cyber security organisations to find the right personnel in the future. Because of the current scarcity on the cyber security labour market, a lot of organisations are having a hard time to fill their open positions. This results in positions being filled by people who are essentially overqualified. The elective ‘secure programming’ can help to create a sustainable labour market for cyber security professionals. A market where people from every level find their challenge, and organisations know who to hire.


We Need You!

One of the key success factors for P@CT is the connection and collaboration with partners. To be successful it’s important that education and business are connected. For students to become succesful cyber security professionals it's important that there are internships available. P@CT is constantly looking for partner organisations that can provide students with internships. Aside from internships the connection with businesses is important to keep students in connection with the labour market. For example through providing guest lectures and presenting challenges and assignments businesses can add value to the educational programme. P@CT is therefore always open to discuss the possibility of working together and would like to get in touch with your organisation. The kick-off event of the 'secure programming' elective is a perfect chance to casually get in touch with us.


Join the Kick-off Event 

To celebrate this milestone a kick-off event of the ‘secure programming’ elective will take place on wednesday 17 May 2017 from 13.00 - 18.00h. On this day interesting lectures on secure programming will take place and it provides a chance to see the students in action with secure programming. It will be the place where students, education and business come together. Interested in visiting the event or find out what we can do for your organisation, or what you can do for us? Please send an email to

HSD Partners involved

De Haagse Hogeschool
Gemeente Den Haag
Institute for Financial Crime (IFFC)
Nationale Politie
ROC Mondriaan, School for IT
Volto Labs