(Re)train in cybersecurity and be sure of a job!

Employers struggle to find good cybersecurity specialists. The supply of cybersecurity specialists is scarce. Therefore, everyone is now ‘fishing in the same pond’ in search for cybersecurity specialists.

According to research of PwC, organisations fail to act effectively on cybersecurity, even though cybercrime is the fastest growing form of fraude for businesses. Almost a third of the cyber incidents take place due to negligence of personnel. Gerwin Naber, responsible for the cybersecurity- and privacy practices of PwC, stated that half of the researched  companies most often fail in providing awareness trainings and incident-response policies. However, besides negligence, there is also a large shortage of cybersecurity specialists.

(Re)training in cybersecurity increases the supply of IT- and security specialists. A job as cybersecurity specialist offers great job security for the trainee due to the high demand and low supply. Project Make IT Work, an initiative of the Amsterdam University of Applied Science, offers the higher-educated IT trainings irrespectively of the person’s background. The trainees are assessed on competence and are matched to businesses. Trainings include software engineering, cyber security and business analytics. These trainings are often ideal for employers to invest in future cyberexperts.

Stimulating retraining programmes to grow the talent pool, and increasing the number of students that choose for a career in cyber security is also part of the Human Capital Agenda (HCA). The Human Capital Agenda is set up in cooperation with- and for HSD partners, and aims to create access to talent.


Source: Intermediair