Securitytalent 2.0 is now live

As you might have noticed, has changed. We have redeveloped the site to even better accommodate you in making your career in security. Since the launch of almost 2 years ago we have noticed a changing demand from our users and partners towards the website. Therefore, we have chosen to shift the focus of the website from being yet another job portal, to building a community where security talent and professionals come to discover the next step in their career.


What’s new?

On the new website you can still find the latest available jobs and internships from our partners in the field of safety and security. Do you aspire to become a security expert? You’ve (still) come to the right place! We offer you an overview of open positions from our partners that are all active in the safety and security sector.


On the new website we do more than present you with currently available jobs. We now offer an overview of safety and security related studies, trainings and courses to help you start your career in this field or expand your current career.


Over the next months we will keep working on adding relevant programs and improving our selection to help you find a study or course that meets your demands the most.