TU Delft Further Intensifies Collaboration with Fox-IT

TU Delft and Fox-IT will further intensify their collaboration by providing graduate researchers of the TU Delft with a permanent workplace at Fox-IT. This way it is made possible to work smoothly and without (security) obstacles to joint research projects. The initiative is part of their joint research agenda, based on their shared perspective: 'Collaborating on a more secure digital society, and creating innovative cyber security solutions'.


Michel van Eeten, Cyber Security Professor at TU Delft, is enthusiastic about the collaboration: ‘The initiative is a new form of graduating, because it is an ongoing research that several graduates can work on. The supervisors have passed a screening, so they are allowed to use the big data that Fox-IT collects.'


Erik de Jong, Chief Research Officer at Fox-IT, is also pleased with the intensified cooperation: ‘By actually 'embedding' these researchers in the organisation, we reduce the workload for Fox-IT for guiding the students. At the same time, the quality of the research can increase because the researchers can do more with the Fox-IT data’.  


The first students of TU Delft are already working at the Threat Intell department of Fox-IT.


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