You would like to do business in an effective and cost efficient manner. In accordance with the law. Therefore you need to be able to trust your partners.   Mind Your Own Business Information (MYOBI) is an independent third party which facilitates partners in a network with assurances regarding the reliability of company information.   MYOBI facilitates: The application of network driven resilient data processing agreements; Doing business and exchanging information in an effective and cost efficient manner. When you connect to MYOBI, you can enter into contracts using the resilient data processing agreement. MYOBI is the TTP with facilitates the use of resilient data processing agreements.   You can used the resilient data processing agreement both for contracting with your clients and with your suppliers. And if your counter party does not wish to enter into a resilient data protection agreement, MYOBI offers other data protection agreements aswell, which correspont with different levels of risk diversion. You can store both your (resilient) data protection agreements and the contracting process in your Organisation Dossier.