About Newgen

Newgen provides unique managed solutions for online payments, E-Commerce optimization and fraud prevention to merchants, financial institutions, and retailers. Our solutions boost sales, cut costs, increase conversion rates, mitigate fraud and open new markets for merchants & payment service providers. Explore how our solutions can help you to optimize your business.\


Global Payments

Cutting-edge FinTech solutions for Payment Service Providers, Acquirers and Merchants, offering features such as Instant Payment Page Builder, Payment Gateway A/B Testing and Dynamic Checkout to maximize conversions.


Fraud Prevention

Real-time Fraud Prevention solution incorporating machine learning classification, business rules engine, bot & proxy detection, unique device fingerprinting and much more to protect merchants from advanced attack vectors.



BoostSales managed E-Commerce solution helping merchants to maximize their online conversions by optimizing every stage of their E-Commerce strategy while minimizing their cost and time investments.


Our Story

Newgen is a multi-channel E-Commerce & International Payment Gateway Company with offices in Amsterdam and Delhi. We serve merchants, financial institutions & retailers with a variety of FinTech and E-Commerce services, helping merchants succeed in the competitive global market. Our international team brings over 60 years of combined experience in providing E-Commerce and payment solutions across three continents.

Newgen takes a business partner approach, helping our industry partners to take their payments technology to the next level by boosting merchants’ sales with dynamic payment gateway features, smart analytics, best-in-class fraud protection, and conversion optimization.