Nextgen International B.V. is a start-up that creates new and innovative algorithms to keep data and communication safe!


We have currently developed an algorithm that is very well suited for devices with low computer power like smart-cards and internet of things devices.

On desktop level it is fast enough to real-time encrypt/decrypt a 8 Mbit data stream.


Another big advantage is that it creates output that is always homogeneous in data composition; This means that on bit level the ratio between 0 and 1 is always 50/50.

Used in secure communication all metadata would be inside the encrypted data stream.


When implemented in a filesystem whereby an entire medium is first formatted and later files are stored on this medium in case this medium would falls in the hands of someone without the key than any attempt for that outsider to extract anything from that medium will be futile; This means that is will be perfect to completely secure any usb-stick or portable hard disks, also because all metadata will be totally hidden as well.


We currently looking for partners with whom we can team up to further develop and implement our technology.