If you are an innovative company, non-profit organization or scientist in the field of safety & (cyber)security, SecuMedia is your dedicated partner in communication. SecuMedia is managed by Vincent Vreeken, who has about thirty years of experience in journalism and marketing and has been editor in chief and publisher of the leading magazine BEVEILIGING (security) for more than 26 years. SecuMedia is an independent publisher in the field of safety and security. It owns the popular (Dutch) websites www.beveiligingnieuws.nl, www.beveiligingsforum.nl, www.beveiligingsmarkt.nl and www.beveiliging.startpagina.nl and has many interesting social accounts like www.twitter.com/beveiliging and www.instagram.com/beveiliging. SecuMedia is also a content agency, specialised in the production of texts that helps you as an innovative security company or scientific researcher with bringing your ideas to the market. Also, we can assist you with the production of books, websites and events of all kind. And of course we can make you famous with publications on our well-known and busy websites. Although SecuMedia is specialised in the Dutch language, we also manage English at a professional level. SecuMedia became partner of The Hague Security Delta to make it easier to follow and publish about developments within HSD, but also to offer professional communication services to the other partners.