SecureMe2 ensures that all types of organizations can safely use connected technology. 


SecureMe2 Cyberalarm monitors your ICT infrastructure in real-time for malicious behaviors, shadow-IT, and misconfigurations. By continuously monitoring, analyzing, and correlating the network traffic of all connected devices, digital threats are quickly recognized, thereby immediately increasing resilience. 


With ShieldGuard, SecureMe2 provides active monitoring of Cyberalarm notifications. Cyberalarm performs analysis on the network traffic of all connected devices and alerts immediately when a threat is detected. ShieldGuard is the control room service for monitoring alarms, analysis, prioritization, and instructions for follow-up.



24/7 real-time monitoring of network traffic, effective and easy-to-use dashboard, 100% European organization, independent analyses and assessment.



Active monitoring of alarms, prioritization and escalation, contact with your organization, management reports.