SecureMe2 has SAM. SAM scans and analyses your network for malicious traffic. Based on a low-cost subscription service and no investment we deliver insights when other security controls implemented in your network fail. You can subscribe to the Basic, Plus or All-in-1 plans for added services like customer portals, actionable alerting and/or legal assistance. SAM is a small zero-config sensor we place within your network close to your router or firewall. We scan all egress traffic based on destination and behavior. Only metadata is delivered to our centralized servers where it is scanned against up-to-date threat intelligence. Every connected device with an IP-address is an endpoint. Not only desktops and laptops. Internet-of-Things devices will be safeguarded like no other product can do. When malicious traffic is detected we will alarm you with a risk-level and detailed information about the corrupted endpoint.  This way you can fix the problem and start, if needed, the legal processes to report a databreach. SAM gives you insight. Insight makes sure you are in control.