The Security Management Studentenplatform (SMSP) is the students association for the Security Management-course of Saxion University of Applied Sciences. The SMSP has been founded to support motivated students in becoming a young professionals. The association provides a helping hand in building up a professional network and organizes a series of events in addition to the regular university course curriculum. 


By organizing presentation- and communication training courses, work field related workshops, masterclasses, company visits and networking events, the SMSP acts as a stepping stone between the students and the Security branch. We try to motivate students to become young professionals by giving them the opportunity to interact with the security professionals and by expanding their knowledge on a series of topics that they could use during the university course and in their future career.  


The SMSP would not be able to do this without making use of their vast network of security professionals. Organizations like the Hague Security Delta (HSD), the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS), Vereniging Beveiligingsprofessionals Nederland (VBN) and the International Foundation for Protection Professionals (IFPO) have already supported us a great deal. We also have good connections with companies like Hoffmann BV, Ordina, Nauta BV, and Orca Secure who have helped us organising event by providing tips, facilities, branch speakers and courses/masterclasses. 


The SMSP does not only act as a 'one-way-stream', if there is anything we could do for you, or if you are willing to help the security students from the platform to develop themselves further, please to not hesitate to contact us!