The Hague Convention Bureau (THCB) is the official organisation for promoting The Hague as a business and association event destination. We offer impartial and wide-range support for event organisers who are hosting conferences in The Hague.


Our Ambition

The Hague has a lot to offer as an event destination and provides numerous solutions to ensure outstanding business events and conventions in the Netherlands. It is the goal of The Hague Convention Bureau to help organisers to make use of these opportunities the full extent.

Just as the numerous successful corporations and organisations that headquarter here, the city itself has great ambitions. The Hague Convention Bureau strives towards making The Hague the second most visited business event destination in the Netherlands and towards significantly increasing global awareness about the city.


Our Achievements

The aspirations and the hard work of THCB during the past years are bringing results, as major associations and corporations are confirming The Hague as their event destination for the near future. The Hague’s success is also reflected by the events industry, having won the Gold M&IT Award for Best Overseas Convention Bureau 2016 and the C&IT Award for Best Short-Haul Event Destination in 2016. Our work continued to be recognised in 2017 and 2018, winning the Silver M&IT Award for the Best Overseas Convention Bureau.


THCB values the close collaboration with its partners in The Hague such as numerous hotels, event venues, restaurants, congress centres and event services. While The Hague already has an outstanding network with our event infrastructure, it aims to develop these partnerships further.


Our Services

A Comprehensive Approach

We offer customised advice and provide clients with support prior, during and after the event. Our highest priority is to ensure that your event in The Hague is successful, goals are reached and delegate experience is superb. Therefore, we offer a variety of services that help event organisers, associations and corporations to host outstanding events.


Bid Development

We understand that the process of planning events and pitching an event destination in the bidding process can be lengthy and requires extensive preparation as well as support from numerous partners.The THCB team has an in-depth knowledge of the association world, the needs of the event organiser and has, through its experience, developed outstanding expertise in building a case. It is our pleasure to assist you in planning your event in The Hague and winning that bid.


Event Support

Flawless logistics and organisation play an undeniably vital role in the success of a conference. The Hague can be of great assistance in solving such challenges, working closely with our well-tuned partnership of venues, restaurants, hotels and service companies. Once you have decided to host your conference in The Hague, our support team can help you in the planning and delivery stages of your event. Moreover, we organise site inspections for decision makers and propose ideas for a suitable marketing approach.


Fam Trips and Workshops

We believe the best way to form an opinion about The Hague is to visit the city and experience it for yourself first-hand. We organise fully hosted fam trips several times a year to showcase the unique and vibrant atmosphere in the city as well we the excellent logistical infrastructure. Throughout the trip you will have the opportunity to meet our city partners, key opinion leaders or local specialists who might be offer just the inspiration or information that you need for your event.


Event Marketing

The Hague has an outstanding city profile and marketing your event in The Hague should not present any challenges. Yet we know that every organisation is different, every audience is unique and every edition of every event also stands apart. In The Hague, we enjoy the challenge of “customising” our city to the needs of your delegates. Whether it is by giving visibility to your event on all the streets of The Hague through city dressing, or by supporting you with marketing efforts - we help you to make a lasting impact on the city and within your organisation.


Financial Support

Finding financial support in funding a conference becomes more and more challenging as budgets get smaller and funding has to be more secure than ever. The Hague understands the financial pressure involved in planning a conference and wants to support event organisers by providing financial support by means of the Conference Subvention Fund of the Municipality of The Hague and the Pre-financing & Guarantee Fund (VGF). If you are interested in applying for the financial support please feel free to contact us for further information.