Right in the heart of Dutch decision-making action. The Hague's first tech-community on a mission to change the world. A place where 'hipsters, hackers & hustlers' gather to bring innovation to life.


“The Hague and the world face major challenges that technology can help solve. Together we can assure that society truly benefits from new solutions. That’s what The Hague Tech stands for. Research institutions, government, and tech companies unite to build a better future.”


Located at a stone’s throw distance from the Station Laan van NOI, The Hague Tech provides offices and a flexible working space, as well as meeting rooms and a special presentation area. Facilitating open communication and fostering a sense of community is essential to this workspace, and there’s a dedicated staff of community managers to keep things rolling smoothly. Organising recurring events, such as community meetings or shared breakfasts, is their concern.


At The Hague Tech, it is believed that people working in the future-facing tech sector benefit greatly from communicating with peers and from the connections this brings, hence the focus on community. Therefore, forward-facing companies or individuals that want to work together in a dynamic space that facilitates and supports a sense of community would do well to look into The Hague Tech.