Born out of financial institutions’ rising issue with cybercrime and fraud, ThreatFabric provides the pertinent tools and expertise to deflect risk and avoid fraud.


With over a decade of expertise in the domain of cybercrime and fraud, our specialists have considerable knowledge about history and evolution of cyberthreats. It is that knowledge that has driven the conception of our innovative solutions, allowing us to provide you with future-proof cybersecurity.

In collaboration with banks, our cybersecurity experts have conceived intelligence-powered prevention and detection solutions, giving visibility on the risks posed by devices used to perform online transactions.


Our threat intelligence solution – MTI, provides the context and in-depth knowledge of the past and present malware-powered threats in order to understand the future of the threat landscape. Such intelligence includes both the strategic overview on trends and the operational indicators to discern early signals of upcoming threats and build a future-proof security strategy.


Our online fraud detection solution – CSD, provides financial institutions with the real-time overview on the risk status of their online channels and related customer devices. This overview contains all the relevant information and context to act upon threats before they turn into fraud. The connectivity with existing risk or fraud engines allows for automated and orchestrated, round the clock fraud mitigation.