ZwartCyber is part of the Zwart Social Impact Group of Companies (Zwarttech)  with the aim to bridge the gap between Africa and the West. The gap we are bridging includes social class,  gender and race. By bridging the gap, we are solving poverty and inequality in our source countries where our Senior Experts are employed. Furthermore, creating decent work and wealth will translate into a decrease in crime since we would give access to those who want to while helping solve the shortage of senior cybersecurity expertise in the West. 


We also provide the West with a fresh outlook on CyberSecurity and safety by offering African Senior Cybersecurity specialist penetration testing and vulnerability exploitation methodology, keeping our clients safe from any offensive attack possible from Africa.


As your foremost cybersecurity partner, we help ensure and maintain the security of your information assets with a verifiable rating that signifies your security maturity level. In addition, at ZwartCyber, we will provide you with our ZwartCyber Certification.