Live Webinar: Operationalise Threat Intelligence in Splunk Enterprise

30 November 2023
11:00 hrs
Organised by:
Recorded Future

The attack surface is expanding and the rules of security are changing, making threat intelligence essential to staying proactive against potential threats. Operationalising threat intelligence in Splunk Enterprise can make a difference when it comes to quickly detecting threats and triaging alerts faster.

With Recorded Future’s Splunk integration, security teams gain visibility into potential risks facing their business.

This live webinar and product demonstration on Thursday, 30 November at 11:00 AM CET in partnership with Splunk will showcase how security teams can:

  • Use real-time risk scores and transparent context
  • Understand at-a-glance the severity of alerts with Recorded Future risk scores
  • Use transparent context to gain a deeper understanding of the IOCs in their environment
  • Understand detection rules written by Recorded Future’s Insikt Group, directly inside of their environment, without needed to write, translate, or manually configure