Permanent employment
Associate degree (EQF 5), Bachelor (EQF 6), Master (EQF 7)
Apply before:
Hours p/wk:


What you tell people at parties
“I’m a Front-end Developer. Front-end. Front of the... I build a website”.

Your life before BitSensor
You have lived on the edge for quite some time, the edge of technology. You have built interfaces to use instead of the one you were forced to use. And you open sourced your interface so other people stop su ering.
Or anything else that shows your love for what you do!

What you will be working on
BitSensor acts as a radar system for hackers on web-scale traffic. Visualizing hundreds of thousands of events & log messages, and enabling complex interaction.
Our core is built on top of Kibana. Following this, we integrate our security visualisations in Kibana. You will be working on creating (undirected) graphs, sparkline visualisations, and embedding these throughout Kibana the right way.
Data visualisations enable security analysts to understand the complete picture the moment an attack strikes, as swift as possible. Also, work ows will be embedded into the product to guide a security analyst through his work ow and work processes intuitively and effectively.
We, at BitSensor take pride in the fact that - even though we have an enterprise product - we deeply care about the end user.

The stack you use
Angular 1


Advanced Git



You have an understanding of
User stories
Work flow implementation

What you really do
You improve the user experience of BitSensor and the high demanding security analysts using it, using workflows that you extract from use cases or interaction with the analyst.
You work on new features during weekly sprints, of course with your team to support you.
Kibana continuously has upstream commits, and you are able to work with the community to get PR’s accepted. Also, these needs to be merged in downstream, using git vodoo.
You apply effective tools that increase the quality and automation of the project.
You keep an eye on the current performance of BitSensor and analysing how to improve these.

BitSensor eats and breathes technology, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We have a hacker at the wheel, but you’ll notice the rest of our staf has a computer science background as well, including that other founder. You will find yourself working in an environment where (code) quality is key, and where you manage and assign features yourself.

As an Angular designer you will find your way into a Scrum environment where ýou work with your teammates. We do weekly iterations and integrations, where we learn to strip each feature to the bare minimum and continue iterating on interesting features for several weeks. To get you up and running quickly we will pair you with our UX designer, enabling you to pump out a lot of cool stuff right away.
Oh and BTW, we are a start-up. Some level of excitement and unorganised chaos is to be expected, but fun is guaranteed!

What we are asking
You’re intelligent.
Experience is important. The proof is in the pudding.
You have some code to show, that shows experience.
You have the ability to e ectively multitask and prioritize in an agile team.

You’re an analytical thinker, exible problem solver, and a team player.

You have a love for startups.

What we are offering
Plenty of space to show us how it’s done, and create your own features.
Sponsored training.
25 leave days. As long as you’ll promise to come back.
Weekly coaching on life, where we talk about anything you need and we can help with.

A super cool office and working environment.
PS you will have your own desk, and won’t even have to fight for it every morning.

Movie nights. Never seen Star Wars? We won’t judge.


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PS the job descriptions are written by us nerds, so you know exactly what you will be working on!