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Do you have the ambition to lead the Cognition and AI research line in a leading applied research group? If yes, this job may be for you!


Your Characteristics:

  • an expert in the field of Cognition and Artificial intelligence that has affinity to application-oriented research;
  • a leader that is able to develop and direct a coherent and impactful research program in Cognition and AI that lead to innovative practical knowledge that are valorized in professional fields and higher professional education;
  • a program coordinator who is able to create alignment between personal development objectives with group objectives;
  • a passionate, empathetic and professional leader, who is able to inspire, lead, supervise and coach a group of research engineers, lecturers as well as students from diverse backgrounds;
  • a professional that acquires and leads collaborative (new/existing internal/external network partners) projects, and disseminates the resulting knowledge products through various impactful channels?


Your Qualifications and Experience:

  • a doctorate degree with at least three years of experience (industry or academia) in one of the following fields—Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Mechatronics, Applied Computer Sciences;
  • strong affinity to applied research and development in the fields of robotics, mechatronics and AI, and application areas, such as Safety & Security, Manufacturing Industry, Precision Agriculture, Inspection & Maintenance;
  • strong theoretical and practical experience in data-and physics-driven dynamic modeling and simulation of robotic systems, machine learning, reinforcement learning and deep learning;
  • demonstrable experience in strategic and analytical thinking in the direction of bridging the gap between market and science through applicable technology development and training of young professionals;
  • experience in effective dissemination of practical knowledge, and exploitation of applied research results in renewing higher professional education and products/processes/services in professional fields;
  • experience in systems engineering and robotic software engineering is a strong PLUS


Then this may be the job for you:

  • lead the Cognition and AI specialization research line in our research group, and you will be responsible for the content-based leadership position, development of the group’s competence, and establishment of strong network for this research line;
  • coordinate the overall tactical and operational aspect of this specialization line together with the team leader and operational manager of the group;
  • become the figure head of the research group for this specialization research line and promote the research group through various impactful channels (scientific and professional publications, trainings, media, workshops, guest lectures);
  • together with a team members, initiate, lead and execute multiple innovative (inter)national research projects and exploit their results to address urgent societal challenges;
  • inspire and coach research engineers, lecturers and students in the field of Cognition and AI;
  • initiate, maintain and expand collaboration with various internal and external relevant educational departments to exploit the results of projects and train future professionals.


Your new working environment
At Saxion we delve into future developments, look beyond our disciplines and borders and stimulate innovation. By doing this together we contribute to a smarter, safer and more sustainable world. We consider the significance of technological innovations and how they can contribute to humanity, society and our planet. We teach our students to look at social issues from a broad perspective and to come up with practical solutions. This means having enthusiastic employees who keep pace with the ever-changing world. You get to work on future-oriented and inspiring education and research: work that really matters. Thanks to your enterprising attitude and expertise you will make a valuable contribution to our applied university and the professionals of tomorrow.


You will feel at home at Saxion
We are an open organisation with and for talent. We help each other, share our knowledge and continuously improve our education, research and organisation. At Saxion you can work on location and from home. We have excellent arrangements for hybrid working. We will present you with challenges and lots of options to get the most out of your work and private life, so that you feel at your best. By choosing Saxion you will have a varied job in an organisation where you feel welcome and where you can be yourself. We will give you the time and space you need for your own professional and personal development. Working with us means being constantly on the move in a way that suits you best. We have excellent facilities for career development, increasing your deployment options.


Research with impact
Issues in society form the basis of our applied research. We connect students with researchers and experts in the professional field.

Together we work on sustainable solutions for urgent social issues. Real solutions, that let businesses and organizations take the next step, and so shape our future together.


Our region is the place we are proud of and feel connected with. Although we also look beyond our national borders. We stimulate the entrepreneurship of our students and put knowledge and innovative power into practice. Together with our partners and the business community, we are strengthening our region.


At the School, Life Science, Engineering & Design (LED), we train technical professionals who can undertake interdisciplinary work, innovate and apply technologies in conjunction with one other. We believe it is important to interweave social issues and research into education. That is why in the domains of Life Science and Engineering  intensive collaboration between research, education and the professional field takes place, in which students are also closely involved. We offer an inspiring and effective learning, work and research environment, focused on applied technologies and recent (inter)national developments in the broad professional field.


LED delivers applied research and education to approximately 2.700 students and employs approximately 230 employees. Education within the School centres takes place in the following study programmes: Bachelor: Biology & Medical Laboratory Research; Chemistry; Chemical Engineering; Forensic Science; Industrial Design Engineering; Computer Science; Engineering Physics; Electrical and Electronic Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; Mechatronics. Master: Applied Nanotechnology and Robotics Systems Engineering. AD: Engineering. 

Research within the School takes place in eight research groups: Lightweight Construction, Sustainable Energy Systems, Industrial Design, International Water Technology, NanoBio Interface, NanoPhysics Interface, Mechatronics and Technologies for Criminal Investigations. 


Team composition:
The research group of mechatronics at Saxion is the largest research group, in which applied research and innovative solutions are developed in the research programs of Unmanned Robotic Systems and Smart Industrial Systems, with specializations in sensing & perception, control & manipulation, and cognition & AI. Together with the regional and (inter)national partners, the group develops innovative, impactful and applicable technologies and technological solutions based on the latest scientific insights. The research group is active in several projects involving more than 100 public and private partners. Currently, the research group employees more than 30 research engineers, and more 300 students are involved in the running projects annually.


What do we offer?
We offer an exciting position in which you work independently in a socially relevant and dynamic organization. There is plenty of room for initiatives and development. You get a temporary appointment as Associate lector. The position is initially for the duration of one year with an option for extension. Your salary is, depending on your knowledge and experience, up to € 6.579,22 gross (scale 13 - cao-hbo) with a full working week. In addition, you will receive 8% vacation allowance, a year-end bonus of 8.3%, the opportunity for a generous number of days off and excellent facilities to work from home. You will also have the opportunity to continue to develop yourself both personally and professionally by following internal and/or external training or education. Saxion strives for diversity in the composition of its employee teams.    


Is this your job?
Apply quickly ! Applications can be submitted until September 16th, 2022. Click the button saying 'apply'. Job interviews with selected candidates will take place on Wednesday, 28th September 2022. We will then ask you to elaborate on your motivation and availability in the presence of the selection committee and/or advisory committee.

This vacancy is open both, internally and externaly. By equal qualified candidates, internal candidates have priority over external candidates.

Do you want more information about the position? 
Additional information about this position can be obtained from Abeje Y. Mersha, Professor of Unmanned Robotic Systems by phone 06 - 2233 7351, due to vacation limited access to email, you can send a message via WhatsApp.


Acquisition from employment agencies, based on this vacancy, is not appreciated.