Permanent employment
Bachelor (EQF 6), Master (EQF 7)
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The Business Analyst (BA) is a role within a squad. The BA plays an important role in the squad on the cooperation between the business and IT part of the squad and takes on additional responsibilities within the squad.  The squads are organized around 4 focus areas which together we call the Digital Service Platform:

  • Monitoring by which we aim to analyse ING’s customer transactions for suspicious activity worldwide;
  • Screening by which we check transactions for suspicious behaviour prior to executing them;
  • Customer due diligence for natural persons where we screen and manage the risk profile of ING’s private individual customers;
  • Customer due diligence for companies where we screen and manage the risk profile of ING’s business customers.

We are looking for an experienced business analyst for Post Transaction Monitoring. As a BA you take an active role in the refinement of the user stories and could also perform the role of Scrum Master. You support the Product Owner (PO) and squad with your FCRM application and KYC process knowledge, ensuring compliancy by design. You refine the roadmap and guarantees that the business requirements and non-functional requirements are translated to the IT Solution requirements. Particularly for KYC, we are looking for Analysts with a track record in successfully transforming complex KYC requests into simple and concise demands. Moreover, we look for a BA that is able to work within a multidisciplinary team in a fast-moving, challenging environment. Experience in the customer journeys of Post Transaction Monitoring and process and IT solution implementation is a must.


As PTM Business Analyst (BA):

  • You refine the backlog to support the PO of the squad, building focused simple solutions for complex problems;
  • You play an active role in the refinement of user stories to ensure user story feasibility, applying your business and FCRM knowledge;
  • You translate regulatory requirements in functional designs, ensuring compliancy by design;
  • You design a solution approach of the stories, together with the Domain Architects.
  • You create and maintain the process flow of the application, together with the Squad;
  • You play an active role in the incident and problem process, together with the Squad;
  • You ensure that the end-consumer’s experience as well as compliance is recognized by the Squads;
  • You build the bridge between business and IT.

Key responsibilities

As Business Analyst (BA):

  • You refine the stories for the Squad that are aligned with the owner’s objectives of the product and process;
  • You refine the stories to have it written in a straightforward and executional way to optimize velocity in the teams;
  • You take the bigger picture into account and look beyond your own Squad;
  • You make sure your work is always on time for the Squad;
  • You could also perform the role of Scrum Master and grow to function as back-up for your PO,
  • You analyse business requirements for the development of products and services in the KYC scope and play a supporting role in the Quarterly Business Review (QBR);
  • You are able to simplify solutions and processes and tell the story clearly to various international stakeholders;
  • You work with colleagues from the Global KYC Centre of Expertise to ensure all solutions and processes are compliant and fit-for-purpose;
  • You apply your experience in marketing, strategic road mapping and adhering to target audiences in the fast-changing context of digital transformation;
  • You contribute to the ING One Agile Way of Working and safeguard the Orange Code;
  • You ensure compliance with ING’s policies and standards;
  • You stimulate cross-border interaction and alignment between people, Tribes, Squads, Chapters, FO organizations, Local KYC activities and Service organizations;
  • You give and ask for constructive feedback.


We are looking for:

An experienced, inspiring, energetic & approachable Business Analyst (BA), displaying the following behaviours:

  • A proactive, can-do, no surprises and positive mind-set;
  • Strong analytical skills;
  • Experience in the area(s) of multidisciplinary complex deliveries with a track record of fast learning in the area of KYC (CDD, FATCA, CRS), Post Transaction Monitoring, AML or Compliance;
  • Experience and affinity with working together in IT and solution-build driven teams;
  • The ability to facilitate decision-making to drive complex design issues to a conclusion;
  • Organizational sensitivity; ability to understand and take into account the underlying issues, opportunities and dynamics of an international organization with multiple functional lines and one hierarchical line and deal with multiple (sometimes conflicting) interests;
  • Strong focus on understanding the regulatory and business requirements and supportive facts and data to build the target operating model design in line with INGs ambitions;
  • Agility to adjust the approach if required;
  • The ability to work successfully in multiple countries and make sure these different cultures will work together as one team; taking into account different habits, beliefs, languages and time-zones, etc.;
  • The ability to display style flexibility to teams and adapt plan, approach and behaviour to the different needs, cultures and situations;
  • Strong resilience; ability to navigate through ambiguity and simplify complexity without losing essence.
  • Scale 10

Proven track record and technical skills:

  • Master or bachelor’s degree;
  • Minimal 3-5 years of direct working experience as a Business Analyst/Process Manager (depending on role specification and related seniority level);
  • Minimal 3 years of working experience with KYC (CDD, FATCA, CRS), Financial Economic Crime, Anti Money Laundering or Compliance; proven experience with Post Transaction Monitoring systems.
  • You have proven experience in translating regulatory requirements into functional designs and/or processes;
  • You have experience with implementing tooling or processes in different countries
  • A personality and capabilities to optimally function within an Agile environment; experience as Scrum Master; experience as back-up for Product Owner in agile way or working would be a bonus
  • Natural analyst and voice of reason;
  • Strong analytical skills;
  • Experience/affinity with innovation KYC and IT;
  • Experience in guiding and realizing regulatory change;
  • Strong communicative, networking and influencing skills;
  • Proven experience in large consultancy initiatives with high impact;
  • Fluent in English speaking and writing.