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Bachelor (EQF 6), Master (EQF 7)
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Group-IB, a Singapore-based company that specializes in investigating and preventing cyberattacks, is recruiting a Cyber Investigation Specialist. Since our Amsterdam HQ is growing, we're looking for a true cyber-fighter to support our mission in the region.


Group-IB’s High-Tech Crime Investigation Department is a special unit with unique mission – observe and uncover cybercriminals. It is a team of specialists who focused on tracking adversaries, conducting in-depth investigations and tailored threat intelligence for enterprises all across the world. For 18 years we have done more than 1300 investigations, operations and researches and assisted in hundreds criminal’s detentions.

Each of us can help make the world a safer place.

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About the role:

As a Cyber Investigation Specialist you will be involved in international investigation projects across Europe and beyond handling cyber incidents and high-tech crimes targeting European region.

Conducting investigations and doing threat actor-centric cyber threat intelligence will be the main focus of your work: from investigating financial fraud schemes and scams up to bank’s network intrusions, ransomware operations and malware campaigns. Using your expertise, you will be dived into sophisticated incidents armed with all our latest technologies. Apart from the main tasks you will be participating in unit’s development process, research activity and intern/junior’s mentoring.


Tasks to solve: 

  • Processing data about cyber incidents and assisting customers in response and data collection.
  • Consulting of clients in questions related to cyber investigations, as well as cyber security, forensics and incident response.
  • Conducting preliminary assessment of the incident, analyzing entry points for the investigation.
  • Analyzing network infrastructure, digital assets and indicators pertained to threat actors.
  • Tracking down threat actors across the Clear, Deep, and Dark Web using passive and active intelligence collection techniques.
  • Forensics analysis of file system images, technical logs (web servers logs, email server logs, network logs etc.), email headers, etc.
  • Producing well-structured investigation resulting reports in English.
  • Monitoring of active threat actors operating in the European region, hunt for new and investigate their activities.
  • Contributing to development of new ways of collecting and analyzing intelligence data.
  • Assisting with creating educational materials and programs in cyber investigations and digital forensics.
  • Taking part in writing articles, blogs and researches on cyber investigations and digital forensics.

Apply for the role if you have the following qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s or/and Master’s degree in Information Security, Digital Forensics, Computer Science or equivalent experience.
  • At least 3 years' experience in Cyber Security.
  • Experience with investigating fraud cases, internal or external threats or cyber security incidents in a technology services organization or similar environment.
  • Proficiency in working with web technologies: hosting, servers, databases, mail servers, etc. Ability to operate and maintain any of those.
  • Digital forensics concepts: host analysis, network forensics, grasp of how modern OS (Windows, *nix) and FS (NTFS, FAT, ext4) work.
  • SQL knowledge, ability to extract and analyze data from DB dumps.
  • Familiarity with cyber threat intelligence collection methods, tools and techniques.
  • Good Linux administration skills, free use bash, regexp, familiar with related file systems structure, basic Linux forensics skills.
  • Strong data analysis and correlation skills with comfort to work through complex and unfamiliar data sets.
  • Experience identifying issues and gathering facts during the interview, research, and analysis phases.
  • Responsibility, ability to learn quickly, literacy, and accuracy are part of your personal qualities.
  • Perfect oral and written communication and presentation skills, ability to collaborate in a team-based environment.

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