Bachelor (EQF 6), Master (EQF 7)
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Being a front runner in defending against modern attacks in a highly automated and time-critical business environment and be responsible for protecting billions of financial transactions.


As an Intern security innovator, you can make a difference within our unique graduation program by staying up-to-date or even outpacing the latest security trends. You have a unique opportunity to innovate and experiment with your idea within a highly ambitious environment.


So do you have an innovative idea on security and want to be a front runner in defending against modern attacks?

Note we will only accept candidates with a motivation letter introducing the innovative idea they want to work on.



Making a difference

Become a part of our unique team within Rabobank to research and experiment viability and opportunities for innovative security solutions! We are ready to help you guide your idea of success.


To enable you to be a successful front runner we can provide you with guidance in the process, a vast network, engagement from senior critical thinkers throughout the Rabobank, knowledge, and funding.



Here are some pieces of information about the stage:

  • You bring in your own case provided that it falls within the scope of security innovation. However, you may choose a case from the backlog.
  • The case that you will take on is at the crossroads of security, business, and usability wherein you will look to the world of tomorrow.
  • You research opportunities within an agile development environment wherein ICT and cloud are playing a central role.
  • If you combine this internship with a mandatory thesis, you must have the time to develop a demo/prototype and demonstration-programs to test new technologies and will give a graduation presentation for the key stakeholders of your project.