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As part of the ING Tech Domain, the mission of Group Services is to support and empower the ING organisation to realise their goals and ambitions by improving our operational excellence, customer experience, and efficiency through the delivery of, innovative, stable and scalable technology solutions.

As part of the KYC domain and focusing on the CDD area of the Global KYC delivery Tribe, you will provide to all countries of ING a solution to execute Customer Due Diligence processes and assess the risk profiles for all ING client base.

As part of Global KYC Delivery Tribe, you will be involved with the development of state-of-the-art solutions on relevant topics such as Anti-Money Laundering, Counter Terrorism Financing, Fraud, Sanctions and their global implementation across 40+ countries, affecting 36 million ING customers.


Key Responsibilities

  • Is responsible of the Delivery together with the Global KYC Delivery Tribe business, respecting ING Agile Way of Working, and ensuring that the regulatory milestones are met.

  • Is responsible for the service quality provided to business as part of the Global KYC Delivery Tribe

  • Is responsible for the cost effectiveness of Delivery as well as respect of KYC CDD area budget.

  • Is IT Custodian for the applications within the KYC CDD area and as such, ensure that they respect NFRs and are compliant with ING risk guidelines.

  • Responsible for recruitment, engagement and development of the KYC CDD area  staff.

  • Is member of the KYC domain IT management team, reporting to the IT Lead KYC, but also of the Global KYC Delivery Tribe leadership team together with business.

  • Is responsible for the IT Sourcing and Vendor Relationship for the KYC CDD area following guiding principles and ING regulations for the KYC domain


Leadership profile

  • Responsibility - True leadership means 100% responsibility for your actions. Total ownership even when the outcome is undesirable

  • Problem solving - Identifies solutions given available information

  • Influencing others - Persuades others to a desired result

  • Listening to others - Listens and restates the ideas and opinions of others to improve mutual understanding

  • Taking initiative - Takes action without the direction of others

  • Delegating Effectively - Use delegation as a tool to improve the skills of each team member with the goal of elevating the whole team

  • Inspiring others - Fosters energy for and provides direction towards organizational goals

  • Team Building - Assembles cohesive groups based upon required skills, goals, and tasks



Is a Delivery Manager

  • Ability to take responsibility, steer on facts and data; managerial courage to question and make decisions

  • An excellent understanding of how to organize internal software development and operations effectively

  • Ability to have impact through inspiring and energetic leadership that leads teams through change

  • Ability to go on details and be hands-on when necessary

  • Ability to simplify complexity and drive operational excellence

  • Experience in Agile deliveries


Has collaboration skills

  • Highly appreciated team player who collaborates easily with business stakeholders and embraces the BizDevOps setup. Has a multicultural mind-set and a highly customer-focused outlook

  • Outstanding oral and written communication skills, as well as negotiation and change management skills


Is an Agile Manager

  • Experienced IT leader with 5+ years’ experience in IT management roles

  • Proven track record in finding, growing and promoting engineering talent

  • Ability to empower teams to act autonomously, think out of the box and hold them accountable

  • Ability to support yourself and other team members in development


Suitable background

  • Master degree in computer sciences or comparable academic education

  • Excellent level of English

  • Experience with Pega or other workflow technologies would be highly appreciated

  • Experience in financial services, or KYC related would be appreciated

  • Experience in technical environment using BDD would be appreciated