Software Developer, cybersecurity, Javascript
Permanent employment
De Meern
Bachelor (EQF 6), Master (EQF 7)
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A JavaScript Developer at LINKIT will develop, test and deploy applications that are built in next-gen JavaScript and TypeScript. The developer will focus on one or more of our tracks: React, Angular, and backend (Node.js). We love to experiment with new frameworks, libraries and tools to keep up with the rapidly evolving JavaScript ecosystem. Are you an engineer whose knowledge and experience contributes for the growth of colleagues and customers? Join the team!



What can you expect from it?

  • Work in 1 project per time no overloading.
  • At least 10% of your time (once every 2 weeks) you will have a Club Day to engage with your team, learn and build cool stuff.
  • Writing elegant code, producing well implemented bug-free features, helping develop great products.
  • Agile teams and environment.
  • An environment that supports continuous learning and taking chances.
  • Going to technical conferences dotJS, AmsterdamJS, AngularConnect, ngEurope, ReactAmsterdam, ReactEurope, Vue.js Amsterdam ...
  • Support to speak at meetups/conferences and write technical articles.


Your profile:

  • Work and mindset at Bachelors or Masters level.
  • Curious and self-developing.
  • Minimum of a year of experience in a similar position.
  • You currently use or are willing to use TDD when developing.
  • You know what clean code is and you acknowledge that you write code for other people.
  • You have knowledge of next generation JavaScript and TypeScript.
  • You have used leading frameworks/techniques like:
  • React Track: ReactJS, React Native.
  • Angular Track: AngularJS/Angular, Ionic, NativeScript.
  • Backend Track: Node.js, Express, GraphQL, MongoDB.
  • General Track: Vue.js, Polymer, Redux, PWA.
  • You are able to tackle extreme UI challenges with next generation CSS, web APIs such as WebGL, WebVR and animations.
  • You have experience with unit testing and test automation with any or more of: Selenium, Cypress, Cucumber, Jasmine/Mocha, Appium, etc.
  • You have knowledge of Continuous integration and deployment of apps with node scripting.
  • You are confident with using unix/linux command line, and you make use of CLIs.