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Bachelor (EQF 6), Master (EQF 7)
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In April 2020 the roadmap Cybersecurity US was initiated and set up by the Netherlands government in close collaboration with the Dutch cyber sector as a Public-Private- Partnership between the Netherlands government, private companies and knowledge institutions. As part of the roadmap a Partners for International Business (PIB) was set up in December 2021. A specific action plan was formulated for the duration of three years, starting in December 2021 until December 2024. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) executes the PIB program as commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Consulate General of the Netherlands in San Francisco, represented by mr. Walter de Wit, represents RVO for all activities implemented in the US under this activity. Next to the CG San Francisco, the Embassy in Washington DC and the CG in Chicago are also involved in the execution of the program.

The duration of above mentioned program is from December 2021 until December 2024.


The program highlights the collective business development of a cluster of a group of Dutch cybersecurity companies looking to take advantage of the strategic relevance of the US market. With a structural and long-term approach, the cluster aims to localize itself in the market and thereby acquire the required high level of trust necessary for successful export. This will eventually lead to better business opportunities for the companies individually and collectively. The cluster and this action plan will focus on three main regions: Chicago related to the manufacturing industry (predominant focus on the physical layer) and San Francisco focused on the big-tech sector (predominant focus on the social layer). In addition, the opportunities for the government market (physical, logical and social layer) and main focus of economic diplomacy will be centered in the Washington DC Area.


In brief, the program aims at positioning of the Dutch cybersecurity sector in the US and develop opportunities for companies in the program. In order to position the Netherlands sector and the cluster, gain market access and support the cluster, a liaison officer will be appointed and contracted for a specific period of the program to be stationed in the country of the target market.


The liaison serves two interests:

  1. To support and position the Dutch sector in the target country.

The activities are concentrated especially on networking and influencing. The liaison, in cooperation with the Dutch government/representation abroad, tries to gain access to the decision makers and companies. The liaison is focal point for local governments, research institutions and possible future business partners and identifies opportunities for the sector in general.

  1. To support companies.

The liaison identifies opportunities for the group of companies. He/ she is focused on connecting the group of companies with the sector and companies in the target country. (NB: It is not allowed that the liaison operates as a commercial agent of the individual companies, for example negotiating individual contracts.)


It is important that the liaison closely cooperates with the Dutch embassy/CG’s and the group of companies and obtains information on the Dutch sector and the group of companies. The liaison is physically placed outside or –depending on the added value and available office space- within the Dutch embassy’s/ CG’s/ NBSO’s office.

For this contract the liaison will plan and report his/her activities with/to the program team and he/she will execute the activities mainly in the San Francisco, Chicago and Washington DC areas.


Specific activities

The activities of the liaison are mainly focused on:

  • To execute promotional activities:
    1. Promote ‘Netherlands Branding’ and the Netherlands ’Unique Selling Position’ (macro, meso/sector, micro/cluster);
    2. Support and organize promotional activities, within the context of the PIB program;
    3. Represent the Dutch sector and the cluster during expositions, missions, roadshows and other trade events, invite potential useful commercial, government and media contacts, etc.;
    4. Deliver input for the development and implementation of the Netherlands Branding strategy of the Dutch sector and the cluster;
    5. Guide and supervise the execution and implementation of the Netherlands Branding strategy and monitor the expedience for the Dutch sector and the cluster;
    6. Support incoming and outgoing visits/delegations where necessary.
  • To initialize and follow up on projects and business opportunities:
    1. Analyze the sector and monitor developments within the sector with the aim of identifying and/or developing specific business prospects or leads for the Netherlands and the cluster (including tenders):
      1. Identify and provide relevant policies, legislation and regulations (local, regional and national) for the Dutch sector and the cluster, related to the covenant;
      2. Identify and map possible technical issues and constraints;
    2. Deliver periodical market reports, newsletters and/or updated information (i.a. for the program website (;
    3. Provide all necessary input to the (name person at the embassy/CG) to ensure effective and efficient decision making with regard to the planning and organization of activities;
    4. Support of the Embassy in Washington DC and the Consulates in Chicago and San Francisco in all relevant activities with regard to the promotion of the relevant sector, for example answering trade enquiries, providing addresses and other information.
  • To lobby and network:
    1. Create and maintain a network of contacts and active lobbying to acquire relevant information;
    2. Identify the relevant authorities (national, regional, local), organizations (branch, research and knowledge institutes, universities) and commercial parties (business partners, banks and other financial institutions), both in the Netherlands and the US;
    3. Act as a broker and point of contact for above mentioned parties and the cluster;
    4. Select (by strategic analysis), arrange and participate in meetings with (potential new) authorities/stakeholders/(business)partners;
    5. Set up a database of contacts.
  • Other activities:
    1. Follow up on trade fair participation, seminars, missions etc.;
    2. Report regularly to diplomatic posts (led by Mr. de Wit), the cluster and the program manager PIB, including written result oriented activity reports;
    3. Facilitate the invoicing procedure related to PIB activities.

Experience and knowledge

  • Thorough knowledge of and network in the Cybersecurity sector;
  • Broad perspective with political affinity;
  • Board room level communication and network (CIO, CISO, CEO, CFO);
  • Experience with economic analyses and commercial work in the private sector;
  • Willingness to travel.

Competences and skills

  • Analytical, market oriented and vision-minded;
  • Networker, social and team-player;
  • Entrepreneur (self-starter, works independently) and result oriented;
  • Communicative and convincing / Good writing skills (reports, invitations, speeches, newsletters, presentations etc.);
  • Experienced in organization of events.

Education and languages

  • Master degree or Bachelor degree, preferably in the field of Information sciences, Business studies or Economics;
  • Fluent in English and the local language. Mastering or understanding Dutch language will be considered an advantage.

Terms of contract

  • Hybrid/remote;
  • Exact location and office flexible;
  • Part time contract;
  • 2 year contract;
  • Expenses for necessary travel compensated;
  • Health care insurance not included.


Please direct questions about this listing to Walter de Wit ( To formally apply we require the following documentation:

  • Curriculum Vitae (in English);
  • Motivation Letter (in English).

Please send your application to with subject title: “application Liaison Officer Cyber – your name”. The final deadline for applications is Monday, July 25th. Successful applicants will shortly thereafter be invited for a digital interview.