Security, Security Domain, Product manager, Software
Permanent employment
Associate degree (EQF 5), Bachelor (EQF 6)
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Hours p/wk:



  • Location: Amsterdam
  • Remote options: at the moment fully remote, after Covid-19 a mix between remote working and working from HQ
  • Experience: 2 years of experience as a Product Owner
  • Working hours: flexible, mostly from 08:00 – 10:00 to 16:00 – 18:00
  • Salary range: €4.000 - €6.000 a month
  • Full time: yes


There is no catch-all diploma or certification for creative thinkers with a strong hacker mind-set. Our team, therefore, consists of players with different backgrounds. Software development, electronics, informatics, graphic design, mathematics, and even psychology. Oftentimes, it’s people who have immersed themselves into (software) security out of their intrinsic drive and passion!

At Securify we are fully focused on software, products, networks and the way organizations and society depend on it. In our view, this is by far the most important part of cyber security! It encompasses our most personal information, and the totality of most business operations. We even entrust software with our health and lives. It is everywhere, impossible to ignore, and growing at unprecedented speed. It is our mission to help companies build and use software in a responsible and safe way, put an end to the stream of large data leaks and incidents, and create a safer digital future! We need a bunch of passionate heroes for that!



If you are unsure if you meet all the requirements, just apply!



The PO is responsible for managing the backlog. The PO determines the priority of stories with the help of the stakeholders. The PO takes care of the refinement sessions and determines the content of the Sprints with the development team.



  • Agile SCRUM,
  • Requirements engineering,
  • Affinity with security,
  • Know how to prioritize,
  • Strong interviewing skills,
  • 2 years of experience in a PO position.



  • Azure DevOps.



  • The opportunity to increase your knowledge by attending courses, seminars, workshops, or conferences. This includes a PluralSight account.
  • You have plenty of opportunities to leave your footprint on the software development that takes place at Securify.
  • Working in an informal working environment with a lot of experience, experience that everyone likes to share with others.
  • Real flexibility in the hours you work and sufficient opportunities to work from home.
  • A flat organization and open culture where you are encouraged and welcomed to develop your own initiatives.


We like to work on new, green field projects. We explore and apply new possibilities in technology. We help each other and give constructive feedback on each other's work. We develop simple code that is testable. We ensure an effective recording of our work. Security is important to us and has our attention when picking up every story. Our working method is Scrum, with a lot of attention for self-management.


We value creativity and take the time to learn about new developments, for example by following training courses and attending conferences.

We’ve taken the "play hard" part a little too far now, though. So, go insane during a game of Foosball with colleagues, or fuzzing, playing on one of our consoles or our cuddly mascot Tight-Tiger if you need some inspiration or love. In addition, we also have an established research program where you can request dedicated research time for your own ideas or participate in team research projects.


A regularly occurring treat is our epic dinners with the whole team, and we close the week with a nice drink that we often combine with random talks from colleagues. These talks can be about all kinds of subjects such as security research, the most beautiful hack of the week, new exploits, useful tools, trips to security conferences, but also own hobbies such as brewing beer.

Lunch is catered, fruit is available daily in abundance, and on "Pattata Friday" we all go out for fun together.



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