Permanent employment
Bachelor (EQF 6), Master (EQF 7)
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Hours p/wk:


What you tell people at parties

“I have a shrine of photos on my desk. Photos of my family? No, my clients!”


Your life before BitSensor

You love to present and present to sell. When you see something that could need some redesigning, you are up for the challenge. You rewrite text and present it in a well-designed manner. After that you show it to friends and family to get as much feedback as you need. In the end, everyone will love your grandma’s party invitation.


Or anything else that shows your love for what you do!


What you will be working on

BitSensor is at a stage where the repeatable sales model is established for a couple verticals. The main goal is to scale sales and improve on this model, and make others. The iteration over this model is crucial and requires generation of new customer specific material. You will be working to qualify customers, plan meetings and cre- ate such material.


What you will be working on

  • Strategize our sales on which companies to target.
  • Find the relevant contacts within those companies and reach out via email, LinkedIn, phone or any other desired channels.
  • Build up connections and educate your target audience application security.
  • Work on material like presentations to share with quality leads.
  • Qualify prospects & set up meetings for sales.
  • Collaborate with Marketing to ensure a constant ow of quality leads.
  • Work towards a quarterly sales target.


BitSensor is all about staying cutting edge, our clients, products and employees benefit from this. You can count on a strong but fun team. You will find yourself working in an environment where knowledge and experience trumps seniority, and where you manage and assign tasks to yourself.


As a SDR you will find your way into a sales environment where you work with your colleagues. We do a thorough weekly iteration over our pipeline with strategy planning for the coming weeks. With the main focus on iteration on sales strategy and documentation we send to clients.


Oh and BTW, we are a start-up. Some level of excitement and unorganised chaos is to be expected, but fun is guaranteed!


What we are asking

  • You’re intelligent.
  • You have some metrics that shows experience, the proof is in the pudding.
  • You have the ability to effectively multitask and prioritize in an agile team.
  • You’re an analytical thinker, exible problem solver, and a team player.
  • Exceptionally strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • A results driven personality.
  • The ability to be a self starter in a fast paced environment.
  • Excellent time-management and prioritizing abilities.
  • You have perfect knowledge of business English.
  • You have 2+ years of experience in a goal oriented B2B sales environment.
  • The will to have maximum impact on BitSensor.
  • Insatiable desire to grow yourself, your team and the company.
  • You have a love for startups.

What we are offering

  • Plenty of space to show us how it’s done, and create your own material.
  • Sponsored training.
  • 25 leave days. As long as you’ll promise to come back.
  • Weekly coaching on life, where we talk about anything you need and we can help with.
  • Phone subscription for your smartphone.
  • The opportunity to sell an amazing product to premium brands.
  • The best coffee in the world, possibly.
  • A super cool offce and working environment.
  • PS you will have your own desk, and won’t even have to ght for it every morning.
  • Movie nights. Never seen Star Wars? We won’t judge.
  • Money.

Let’s get in touch.

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