Permanent employment
Bachelor (EQF 6), Master (EQF 7)
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The Supply Chain Quality Assurance Manager is responsible for assisting the organization in better understanding, and effectively integrating, re-aligning and applying the total enterprise ability or capacity to achieve strategic and current operational objectives.


You contribute to the Group Supply Chain strategy and to its successful implementation, drive continuous improvement and provide support to Regional Centers and business Owners while interfacing with process owners.


You support the SC community to allow adequate workforce knowledge, skills and tools/procedures.


You also play a key role in promoting strong leadership, positive behaviour and culture throughout the organization.


You will be a Certified QA ISO Auditor with previous experience in oil and gas, you will be enthusiastic about writing QA processes and procedures for corporate projects and have experience of this. You will know how to deliver Surveillance audits of vendors and manage internal audits of Supply Chain. You will also be passionate about continuous improvement and setting performance indicators.

You will be responsible for strengthening the SC function’s performance by making our processes/procedures more robust and user friendly


Role Contribution

  1. In order to translate the Supply Chain strategy into procedures and systems while ensuring continuous improvement of ways of working in an aligned manner across SBM, you are to:
    1. Design processes and procedures to strengthen the SC organization and implement best practices
    2. Define framework, associated control points and set KPIs and targets to monitor and assess performance of SC activities against defined strategy
    3. Drive continuous improvement of the processes, systems and tools
    4. Provide a regular overview of potential risks related to processes, policies, systems and tools
    5. Assist the Group Supply Chain Director in providing SC related reports and information for Group communications topics (eg: annual reports)


The measure of your effectiveness in this will be: 

  • Adequacy of the functional framework (ie: process, systems, tools) to your discipline
  • Tools and systems effective deployment 
  • Satisfaction of the business owners
  • Quality and timely delivery of reporting 


  1. In order to ensure a solid understanding of the governance principles, policies, processes and tools within Supply Chain and to oversee their successful implementation in a consistent manner across the organization, you are to:
    1. Support the RC Supply Chain manager in the implementation of the management systems, taking into account local business constraints and SBM global standards 
    2. Coordinate the Group SC internal audit activities in liaison with Group Quality and Regulatory management.
    3. Develop and deploy, at Group SC level, training programs, awareness initiatives and communication campaigns
    4. Assess the quality, the consistency and the impact of the SC initiatives across the organization, through employees’ engagement


The measure of your effectiveness in this will be:

  • Number of lessons learned sessions to ensure continuous 
  • Number of internal audit findings


  1. In order to ensure regular and constructive interactions with Group Supply Chain internal stakeholders, you are to:
    1. Ensure and maintain professional communication 
    2. Continually engage with and support your discipline’s community across all Regional Centers, sharing best practices, feedback, new ways of working and developments
    3. Permanently liaise with other Group functions in order to share and align ways of working 


The measure of your effectiveness in this will be:

  • Feedback from internal parties