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Den Haag
Associate degree (EQF 5), Bachelor (EQF 6), Master (EQF 7), MBO-4/HAVO/VWO (EQF 4)
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MMOX is looking for awesome medior / senior software developers who are craving for challenges and opportunities in a cyber security company! 

We offer Java, React, Python, Typescript among other flavours in a cone of DevOps with Agile sprinkles.


To learn more about MMOX and what this general vacancy may entail, please visit their website and LinkedIn page.


About MMOX Smart

MMOX Smart lowers the cyber risk of your business or institution. You get the latest technology, insight, targeted advice, incident response and insurance. We have combined everything for you into a carefree service that is based on the next level method Risk Based Cyber Security™. It is highly effective, understandable for everyone and affordable.


MMOX Smart is a managed service with: Prevent, Reinforce, Remedy and Reimburse


We monitor your company's network and prevent cyber attacks and other threats from causing damage. We do this with the Cyber Defense Center. This keeps out the latest and most dangerous cyber threats. This breaks the arms race with the attacker faster and sooner. Our support team actively monitors your Cyber Defense Center and takes immediate action when necessary. And of course, you can follow what happens live.


To measure is to know. Based on the data that the technology builds up, we analyze the targeted threat and make the translation to your business. We then provide highly practical tips to quickly reduce your risk. We report all findings in easy-to-understand reports so you can inform important stakeholders.


Cyber risk is more than just technology. It's also about having a plan and being prepared. We don't want you to wonder what will happen if an incident does occur. That's why our experts are ready with knowledge and experience to quickly get back to work and repair any damage.


You don't have to worry about damage or costs if something happens. The cost of recovery work is covered by an integrated cyber security insurance policy. In addition, we also cover indirect damages such as downtime or organize legal assistance.

MMOX Smart can be deployed with or without insurance.