Cyber, Pentesting, Analyse Software
Temporary employment
Associate degree (EQF 5), Bachelor (EQF 6), Master (EQF 7)
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Job description: Software security expert

Software is getting more complex, the amount of criminal hackers is growing, and automatic tools for software engineers are just not good enough. Human software security experts are just irreplaceable, but have too much work. Our review environment makes you 2 times as effective in code review, and up to 10 times faster in certain tasks. Oh, and we also automate the mundane analysis tasks; we thought you might like that.

The Codean Review Environment (CRE) is what makes us unique. This is for a security expert what an IDE is for software engineers. Funny enough, most security experts use an IDE for software analysis, even though it's made for software development. Instead, the environment we are building is tailor made for security analysis: which features ranging from keeping track what is reviewed, to symbiotic taint analysis, to easy report composition.

You will be the second of our in-house elite team of security experts, next to Thomas (our 1st fulltime analyst with 5 years experience) and Kevin (our founder with 15 years of hacking experience). You will work on projects ranging from old school Java web servers (or new using Kotlin) to state of the art Zero Knowledge Proof protocols build on a blockchain. And customers vary quite a lot as well: from impact startups to decentralized finance to international healthcare platforms.

What we look for

We are looking for a software security analyst who shares our vision that a security analysis that leverages source code, enables you to find the most vulnerabilities. However, we do require (or train you with) a hacker mindset: because in projects you will also have access to a penetration testing environment to verify vulnerabilities.

And we look for someone who likes to try new tools. With your feedback, we will improve the Review Environment further with many large and small features. And as another business model supply the environment to thousands of other security analysts worldwide, to superpower all the ethical hackers out there.

We're on a great adventure. You will start as one of the first employees in the core team (we are a team of 7 right now), but prepare to be one of the 25 employees after 3 years. Because we are working hard to become a tech leader in software security. If that sounds as fun and exciting as we think it sounds: let's meet!

What we offer

  • Working with the state of the art technology in software security

  • Joining the adventure of building a worldwide tech leader in software security

  • Learning a lot: about building an ambitious startup, about developing a new environment, and about efficient software security analysis.

  • Flexible hours: as long as you deliver your working hours are flexible

  • Working remote first: we don't have an office, so you work from home or another location you prefer (this job description says location Utrecht, but that is purely our official address!)

  • We do meet each other every month for a 'Codean day': a full day of inspiration, cooperation and team building at varying inspirational locations in and around Utrecht (the Netherlands)

  • 3 times a year a two-day retreat to work (on our strategy, team, internal communication) and have fun. In a big mansion in the mountains/woods/beach (feel free to join the discussion which location suits best)

  • Long-term involvement starting with a 7-month contract

  • Fair startup salary (and a stock option plan at the end of 2022)

  • We supply you with a top-notch laptop and other gear (screens + keyboard + mouse + ...) to work smooth and efficient. And we leave it up to you to go for Mac, Windows or Linux (the order of this list is truly random)

  • Training and personal development opportunities depending on your needs and wishes

Your skills

  • Trained in software development (e.g. a MSc in computer science, but not needed)

  • OSCP certified or willingness to obtain it (we'll pay)

  • Good understanding of a variety of programming languages

  • Fluent professional English (both verbal and written)

  • Soft skills: no need to give presentations, but strong communication (writing) skills is a big plus

Your personality

  • Growth mindset: you are open for feedback and different perspectives

  • Entrepreneurial spirit: a startup means that some things are not so well arranged, but the upside is that you can help shape the culture of a company.

  • Work hard, play hard, rest hard: work extra when needed, rest when we can, celebrate together

Other requirements

  • 2-6 years experience

  • EU citizen or EU work permit required

  • Living in (or close to) the Netherlands or willing to relocate for a minimum of 1-2 years (although we work remote, we need this for the Codean days)

  • Be present at all physical 'Codean days' every month at an inspiring location in & around Utrecht, the Netherlands (in the future that will probably develop to every 6-8 weeks)

When interested, send your resume and motivation to