Software is getting more complex, the amount of criminal hackers is growing, and automatic tools for software engineers are just not good enough. Human software security experts are just irreplaceable. But… they could use a hand.


We built the Codean Review Environment, that makes security experts work 2 times faster; up to 10 times for certain tasks. And it automates mundane analysis tasks, so security experts can focus on finding vulnerabilities.


Our Security Review Environment is for a security expert what an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is for software engineers. Most security experts use an IDE for software analysis, even though that's made for software development. Instead, the environment we built is tailor made for security review: it has features ranging from keeping track what is reviewed while doing delta’s, to symbiotic taint analysis, to easy report composition. The result: less mundane work, more fun.


Next to helping software developers with security advice, the added value from this team of security analysts for us is that we test the review environment with our own people: to make it the best product ever. Since early 2021 we have been using the review environment for code review. Since 2022 we provide the review environment as a SaaS product for security experts, whitebox ethical hackers, and everybody else who wants to find more code vulnerabilities in less time.