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Associate degree (EQF 5), Bachelor (EQF 6)
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About us

Codean is a high-tech well-funded cybersecurity startup. With 10 engineers we are building a toolbox to empower ethical hackers to make the digital world a bit safer.


Software is getting more complex, the amount of criminal hackers is growing, and automatic tools for software engineers are just not good enough. Human software security experts are just irreplaceable, but have too much work. Our review environment makes security experts 2x faster in code review, up to 10 times faster in specific tasks. Reporting becomes easier and more effective, and we automate the mundane analysis tasks; because our users like that.


We foster our culture and work remote-first; which means there is no office. That said, we have strong online and offline interactions: every month we organize a ‘Codean day’ where we meet in person. These wonderful days we work on team building, inspiration and getting to know each other even better at varying locations in and around Utrecht. Online we cooperate using tools like Slack and Gather.town to stay connected.


Why do we need you

We built some great technology and already have a solid product. We work hard every day to make it even better through new features and a great UX/UI. We have used the review environment ourselves for 1.5 years, and are onboarding the first external pilot users. Now we need to turn these pilot users into happy customers, and after that into ambassadors. That’s your first task: to onboard, educate and help our users.


When that first person in an organization is happy, we expect their colleagues to become curious. Your next task is to find the right moment and right communication to get those colleagues to try the review environment as well.


Finally, we are continuously developing new (and awesome) features, which will increase our value and thereby the price that customers need to pay. Your third task is to get customers to pay for that value.


This whole process needs to be designed and refined. If you are able to, you can take up that task together with our founders and build & lead the customer engineering team; an essential part of our company.


What skills and type we look for

  • Technical knowledge to be able to educate security experts to use a new tool for code review. So you have affinity or experience in a (less or more) technical role
  • Commercial experience: you are the main responsible person to turn a pilot user into a paying customer. So you have affinity or experience in a (less or more) commercial role
  • Excellent in (English) communication; both written and spoken: you can listen, ask the right questions, and then share answers in a way that fits our highly technical customer
  • Friendliness: a big part of this job is to help customers. Without genuine friendliness we think that’s really hard, especially since we focus on delivering value on the long term
  • Deal focus: we are not looking for a typical sales person, but we do need someone who dares to ask for a deal, can find out when to ask, and knows how to ask

What we offer

  • Freedom to design our customer success processes and department with our founders
  • Leading the relationship with our customers; possibly building and leading the customer success team
  • Joining the adventure of building a worldwide tech leader in software security
  • Learning a lot: about building a startup, about software security, about worldwide expansion
  • Flexible hours: as long as you deliver your working hours are flexible
  • Working remote first: we don't have an office, so you work from home or another location you prefer. We do meet each other every month for a full day of inspiration, cooperation and team building at varying inspirational locations in and around Utrecht (the Netherlands)
  • 3 times a year a two-day retreat to work (on our strategy, team, internal communication) and have fun. In a big mansion in the mountains/woods/beach (feel free to join the discussion which location suits best)
  • Base salary 55-65K + 8% holiday allowance + gear + stock option plan
  • Long-term involvement starting with a 9-month contract
  • Top-notch laptop and other gear (screens + headset + lights + microphone + ...)
  • Training and personal development opportunities depending on your needs and wishes 

How your personality fits our culture

  • Open-minded: you are open for diversity, feedback and different perspectives (our team is 30% female, six nationalities, and diverse in personality)
  • Entrepreneurial spirit: a startup means that some things are not so well arranged, so you need to be flexible. And you have a lot of freedom, and therefore responsibility
  • Work hard, play hard, rest hard: work extra when needed, rest when we can, celebrate together
  • Sharing is caring: next to work we also about our private life, and we also share and care in being straight-forward about our expectations and feedback

Other requirements

  • Living in (or close to) the Netherlands or willing to relocate for a minimum of 1-2 years
  • Be present at all physical meeting every month at an inspiring location in & around Utrecht, the Netherlands (in the future that will probably develop to every 2 months)
  • No work permit required: we can provide a work permit within a few weeks since we are an IND recognized sponsor


If you’re interested, send your resume and a short motivation to jobs@codean.io. If you’re not sure about the role or the match, or have questions? Send an email too!