Security Professionals, threat management, Analyse & Research
Temporary employment
Den Haag
Bachelor (EQF 6), Doctorate/PhD (EQF 8), Master (EQF 7)
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Organisational setting:
The Governance Directorate is responsible for supporting and assisting Europol Management and the rest of the organization by providing advice and maintaining strategic links with relevant EU bodies and law enforcement agencies of the Member States. Maintaining close cooperation with other directorates, particularly on key corporate matters and monitor business planning and performance management, are also among the Directorates' task. Furthermore, the Governance Directorate is responsible to promote Europol's achievements in the media and among the general public and the representation of the organisation at internal and external meetings. The responsibility of the Security Unit is to establish all security measures that need to be applied to protect the persons employed at Europol, the Europol building, together with its installations and all Europol systems and information and to ensure the safe and continual operational functioning of Europol.



Purpose of the post:
Under the supervision of the Senior Specialist – Head of Team and/or the Head of Unit Security, the incumbent is expected to effectively contribute to the overall security posture of Europol by providing expertise in analyzing threats and risks towards the organization to define mitigating measures allowing the core businesses of Europol to operate in an uninterrupted manner.



Reporting lines:
The incumbent reports to the Head of the Horizontal Security Services Team.



Job environment:
This position might require ad-hoc security and crisis management activities to be carried out outside of core office hours and stand-by duty.



Background, main purpose and tasks of the post

The incumbent carries out the following main functions and duties:
• Monitoring open source information to identify possible threats or other developments with a negative impact towards the organisation;
• Monitoring all information available to continuously evaluate the threat level and related risks towards the Executive Director of Europol and family;
• Maintaining an overall security threat assessment for the other Directorate members, staff, ELOs and all other persons at Europol HQ;
• Conducting specific threat assessments for Europol staff going on missions and issuing security travel advice documents;
• Conducting threat assessments for high level dignitaries from EU institutions, offices and bodies;
• Conducting assessments of unwanted interest situations and so called “frantic mail” (paper/electronic);
• Cooperating with local authorities, other competent authorities in the host state and in Member States and other EU agencies;
• Maintaining an overview of all incidents targeting Europol and its staff.
• Representing Europol at forums related to security intelligence;
• Any other duties in the area of competence as assigned by the line management.