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About the assignment

The goal of the assignment is to investigate and demonstrate novel technologies and designs that can push the boundaries of electronics thermal management. The application case is incorporating a two-phase cooling approach, in particular developing a mechanically pumped loop. In such loop, the evaporator and condenser designs need to be matched with the specifications of the pump. The working fluid is pumped in near saturation state and heat rejected from e.g. electronic components is directly stored by the latent heat of the fluid.


Pumped two-phase cooling enables high heat flux cooling and is able to transfer heat over a relatively long distance. Evaporators can be placed in parallel enabling the cooling of multiple components using one cooling loop. Moreover, the loop can operate in any orientation and is robust to acceleration. Finally, as the liquid volumetric flow rate is low, the tubing design is small and lightweight compared to a single-phase cooling loop. However careful consideration for the pump selection and accumulator is required.

Foreseen activities include:

-   Literature study on (design parameters of) two-phase pumped loop systems

-   Construct a numerical model and analyse design parameters

-   Build a prototype test set-up

-   Perform experimental tests and validate your model(s)

-   Report the activities, numerical model and design parameters in a detailed report.


The final assignment can be tailored towards your specific background/ambitions and university requirements.



Mechanical (Thermal)Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Physics, Material Sciences



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