Associate degree (EQF 5), Bachelor (EQF 6)
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ING is looking for graduates to strengthen the Artificial Intelligence capability of TECH/Group 

About ING
Think Forward! Our purpose is to empower people to stay a step ahead in life and in business. We 
are an industry recognized strong brand with positive recognition from customers in many countries, 
a strong financial position, omni-channel distribution strategy and international network. 
We believe that Artificial Intelligence is a key differentiator for improving products and services for 
our customers, but also we see opportunity to significantly optimize ING employee experiences using 
AI . 

Tech Group Services 
Tech is the provider of IT services for ING. Within Tech, the Group Services department is the team 
that delivers IT solutions and services for the employees of ING. In other words, we focus on software 
development and operations for the inner part of the bank. More and more we improve the 
employee experience with innovations based on AI technologies. 
Inoovation@GS is the vehicle for the innovation projects in Group Services. These innovation projects 
are short and intense and focus on delivery of working MVP’s in a 3-month period. For one of the 
Innovation projects looking for a graduate to strengthen a pop up squad . In particular if you are 
interested in Natural Language Generation techniques, we invite you to read on. 

The project
The NLG-Risk project aims to generate financial advice (eg towards management and ECB) based on 
analytical data. We intent to buy a commercial product for this particular use case. This could be a 
good option for the short run, but we also realize that this may not be the best strategy for the long 
run. So, next to a PoC with this commercial project we want to investigate possibility for a Bank Wide 
NLG solution that can be used for many different use cases that requires generation of financial 
documents. The team that works on this project is a so called pop up squad, a team that will be put 
together for this particular innovation project. 

Your Profile 
You are passionate about your field of work: Data Science and Software Engineering. 
You look to not only develop AI solutions, but also to actually deliver them as a working product to 
end-users and incorporate their feedback in the product.
Making an impact is an important driver for you. 
You feel at home in a new team that aims to become a high-performing team and you make the 
effort to grow as a team.
You display creativity and tenacity in cracking problems and finding a solution to it.
You like intensity of delivering a working product in short period. 


Your Responsibilities
• Execution of the PoC
• Design, analyze and interpret business requirements and explore datasets using available 
• Recommend ideas to business when data/results is available through good visualizations.
• Design a bank wide, multi use case NLG solution 
• Develop MVP for the bank wide, multi use case NLG solution 
• Active participation in maintaining & strengthening the NLG capability within the team.
• Educate peers within Group Services to establish an overall better understanding on Natural 
Language Generation.
Requested Pre-requisites
• You are a graduate or close to that stage in your study.
• Working experience, preferably with Machine Learning and Natural Language Generation.
• As we hire for potential and a fit with the team, rather than experience, we consider relevant.
years of work experience a plus, but this can be substituted with excellent capabilities.
• Strong programming skills in Python and experienced in delivering production grade code.
• Understanding of NLG algorithms (eg. GPT 3). 
• Understanding of available tools that can be used in the development of AI solutions, such as 
Annaconda, Tensorflow and Google Cloud AI tools. 
• As we hire for potential and a very strong fit with the team, rather than experience, we 
consider relevant years of work experience a plus, but this can be substituted with excellent 
• You have excellent oral and written communication skills at technical and business level.
• Fluent in written and spoken English.
What we offer?
• You will become member of a pop up squad, a new team with excellent opportunities to 
develop individually and as a team. 
• A challenging working environment, that can be considered to have the characteristics of a 
startup within the safety of a large company.
• A culture where generating new ideas is are highly appreciated. 
• We work in an agile way. 
• 36 hours internship contract, internship compensation for a period of at least 3 months.