First Executive Master Programme Cyber Security Students Graduating

In our increasingly interconnected world, cyber threats and incidents are heading the agenda’s of politicians, policy makers, CIO’s and civilians worldwide. The on-going digitisation of society creates new opportunities but also related risks and dilemmas. In order to respond to these new demands from our digitised society, qualified experts are needed to tackle these challenges. The Cyber Security Academy, therefore, proudly and enthusiastically announces that on 9 February the first Master of Science (MSc) graduates in Cyber Security in the Netherlands will graduate at the Campus of The Hague Security Delta (HSD), the national innovation centre in The Hague and home of the leading security cluster in Europe.


Professionals (computer scientists, lawyers, policy makers) from a variety of public and private organisations celebrate their successful completion of the innovative and multidisciplinary master programme, with a seminar and a ceremony of celebration.


Inspirational learning environment

With a visionary foresight Leiden University, Delft University of Technology and The Hague University of Applied Sciences combined their knowledge and expertise in education for professionals in the field in the Cyber Security Academy (CSA) in The Hague several years ago. By sharing their experience and knowledge with experts and lecturers from the professional field (such as KPN, VKA, Deloitte, NCTV/NCSC, Fox-IT, Van der Voort, Rabobank and others), an inspirational learning environment has been created. The CSA is an initiative of the municipality of The Hague.


"In the partnership of the Cyber Security Academy, professionals are trained who can deal with the cyber threats facing us today. By involving employers intensively with the programme and letting them act as guest lecturers, the curriculum complies with the needs of the market. This is a good example of how companies and knowledge institutions at the HSD Campus in The Hague, together, make The Netherlands safer."

- Ingrid van Engelshoven, Deputy Mayor The Hague


Integral approach

The integral approach in this master’s programme teaches the participants to interconnect technical, legal, and social scientific aspects of cyber security, in order to enable them to contribute to effective and sustainable strategies for digital defensibility and security of society as a whole, including organisations and citizens.


"The master’s programme Cyber Security was extremely valuable to me. This multidisciplinary programme gave me an analytical framework for the issues which governments, businesses and citizens face in the cyber security domain, and provided insight into substantiated solutions."

- Machiel Bolhuis, Director Privacy Compliance at Liberty Global


"Solution strategies for cyber security issues require a network in which experts share knowledge and information across the boundaries of individual organisations. This programme contributes to this."

- Edwin Noordzij, Senior Staff Consultant Cyber Marechaussee


Innovative insights and solutions

At the seminar in the morning, several students will elaborate on their thesis project. Innovative insights and solutions for cyber security challenges are being presented such as on the development of massive use of encrypted IT-services, on the understanding of key enablers of cybercrime underground fora, and on the design of a multi-actor roadmap to improve cyber security of consumer-used connected cars. The graduation ceremony in the afternoon will be introduced by Jan van den Berg, professor in Cyber Security at Leiden University/Delft University of Technology and Ingrid van Engelshoven, the Deputy Mayor of The Hague. Following this introduction, graduates will receive their diploma in a ceremony of celebration.


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