Announcement: new Master Cyber Security Engineering on HSD Campus

Starting February 1st, 2019 each Friday, HSD campus will host a group of students participating in the brand-new Master Cyber Security Engineering. This Master is developed and executed by The Hague University of Applied Sciences in collaboration with Cyber Security Academy (CSA) and experts from other organisations. This is not the first time a Master program in cyber security is hosted on the HSD Campus.


The Master is for anyone with a Bachelor in ICT or cybersecurity, practical and technical expertise and is ambitious to grow into the role of a leading technical cybersecurity specialist. The focus of this Master is the development and implementation of ICT security solutions that fit the objectives of an organisation. In particular, this involves technological aspects the specific context of organisations and their collaborative partners.


The program of the Master Cyber Security Engineering spans across two years and is spread out over four semesters:

  1. The concepts of cybersecurity
  2. Cybersecurity technology
  3. Technological cybersecurity solutions in sectors and new trends
  4. Thesis

For more information, visit the website of The Hague University of Applied Sciences at Or you may contact HHS via


Please note that the programme is in Dutch.


The importance of developing your cybersecurity skills, knowledge and expertise is outlined in Competent Cyber Security Talent is in Demand.

Partners involved

The Hague University of Applied Sciences (HHS)