New lectureship helps SME in fight against cybercrime

The Netherlands Institute for the Study of Crime and Law Enforcement (NSCR) and The Hague University of Applied Science (HHS) are teaming up. Together they are setting up the lectureship Cybersecurity for SME's (lectoraat Cybersecurity in het MKB), giving an important stimulus to research into cybersecurity. They strive to provide means to protect vulnerable small and medium enterprises from cybercrime.


SME companies often do not have the capacity to defend them selves from cyberattacks and fall victim to this type of crime relatively often. The goal of the lectureship Cybersecurity for SME's is to help SME companies in The Netherlands become more digitally aware and secure in a practical manner, an thus reduce the damage of cybercrime. Per 1 October 2017 the new lectureship under the supervision of dr. Rutger Leukfeldt, will focus on three researchpaths: (1) the resilience of SME's, (2) insight into cybercrime and (3) tackling cybercrime with a focus on SME's.

Small and medium enterprises are longing for usable knowledge, something that is echoed by MKB-Nederland (SME Netherlands) and VNO-NCW. That is what moved the NSCR and HHS to jointly set up the practice oriented researchprogramme Cybersecurity for SME's. Dr. Rutger Leukfeldt is the liasing factor between the two organisations. He will become lector at HHS and is appointed as the coordinator of the researchcluster cybercrime at the NSCR.

Leukfeldt strives to set up a researchprogramme in which science, the workfield and education all benefit. The lectureship wants to contribute to the knowledge and competences of students on the topic of digital safety and the (inter)national debate on cybersecurity with specific attention to SME sector.



In order to make the lectureship possible a L.INT-application is submitted at the National Governing Body for Practice Oriented Research (Nationaal Regieorgaan Praktijkgericht Onderzoek) SIA, part of NWO. The L.INT-arrangement aims to stimulate lectureships focussed on sustainable collaboration between NWO-institutes and Universities of Applied Science around a joint researchprogramme. This applications has been granted. The municipality of The Hague, the municipality of Zoetermeer and the Ministry of Security and Justice also contribute financially to help make this lectureship possible.

Partners involved

The Hague University of Applied Sciences (HHS)
City of The Hague
Ministry of Justice and Security
Gemeente Zoetermeer