Computer Science
Edu type:
Formal education
Master (EQF 7)
Start date:
Study Load:
3360 hrs
2 years
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In the Master's programme Computational Science you learn to develop computational models based on observations and data from physical, social, earth, economic and life sciences. In this joint degree of UvA and VU Amsterdam you can specialise in topics offered by both universities.


The study programme

Computational Science seeks to explain the complex world we live in using technological simulations. By collecting data and creating computer models, computational scientists can make predictions on varying problems such as how to influence the flow of traffic, how an epidemic will spread or the probability of individuals in society becoming addicted to drugs. The curriculum relies heavily on algorithmic-driven procedures, but also involves lots of mathematics and logic. 


After graduation

Graduates of Computational Science are highly valued because of their skills and knowledge in this new field of science. They are ready to start a career in any research environment where computation is the core business. 


Is Computational Science for you?

Would you like to: 

  • confront a tornado in virtual reality and predict its path of destruction?  
  • understand the behaviour of financial markets?  
  • simulate the outcome of a surgical procedure before it is used on a patient? 
  • predict how a crowd would behave in the event of a disaster?  

If so, then Computational Science is the study for you. 


Joint degree programme with VU Amsterdam

Computational Science is a joint degree programme of the University of Amsterdam and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Courses are taught at locations of both universities. UvA and VU jointly issue a degree certificate to graduates. As a Computational Science student in Amsterdam you benefit from expertise, networks and research projects at both universities and affiliated research institutes.