Data Science, Data Engineering
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Formal education
Bachelor (EQF 6)
Start date:
Study Load:
5040 hrs
3 years
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Data is central to modern society. Because of its value, some people call data the new oil. And just like oil, data needs to be processed to be useful. It is up to people like you, if you are going to work in the field of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, to transform data into meaningful information and knowledge. Your insights can support smart decision-making for both humans and computers alike.


Regardless of whether you want to work as a data scientist, data analyst or machine learning and AI specialist, the demand for experts in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence is very high. Are you considering taking part in this adventure? If you enjoy solving problems and have a logical way of thinking, then come and follow our Data Science and Artificial Intelligence bachelor’s programme.


The Department of Advanced Computing Sciences at Maastricht University has over 35 years of experience with research and education activities broadly covering the fields of artificial intelligence, data science, computer science, mathematics and robotics.


What are data science and artificial intelligence?

Data Science is the science that extracts knowledge from large amounts of data, no matter its origin. Take, for instance, an MRI scanner. It gathers huge amounts of data that are transformed into a photograph of a patient’s organs with the help of Data Science. A doctor can use the photograph to look for abnormalities.


Artificial Intelligence, on the other hand, is about creating systems that behave rationally. These systems can act on their own to solve problems for which you did not program them. Just think of the MRI images again. Artificial intelligence can automatically detect abnormalities and report them to the doctor.


Both Data Science and Artificial Intelligence have applications in all sorts of fields. Logistics, healthcare, gaming, IT and robotics are but a few of your options.


Why this programme teaches both

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence are closely linked. Because the amount of data keeps growing, Data Science increasingly relies on Artificial Intelligence to automate decision-making and to find patterns that would be difficult to discover manually. Vice versa, Artificial Intelligence relies on methods from Data Science to make sense of its surroundings and make smart choices.


Long story short: if you want to excel in either discipline, you need deep knowledge of both. We are here to help you obtain exactly that.


What will I learn?

The bachelor's programme will dive deep into the theory and the technology behind Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. You will collect and organize relevant information using mathematics and smart computing techniques.

You learn about topics like:

  • Applied mathematics, including the practical application of major mathematical concepts, methods and techniques
  • Programming, with an emphasis on software, algorithms and logic

Upon graduation, you can look forward to a promising career. People who master the skills that we teach you are in high demand.