Edu type:
Formal education
Edu level:
Bachelor (EQF 6)
Start date:
Study load:
5040 hrs
3 Years
More information


Did you program your first app while you were still in kindergarten? Are you married to your laptop? And are you always looking for logical patterns? Then perhaps you have the DNA of a knowledge engineer. In this bachelor's programme, you'll study logic, intelligent search, and machine learning. You'll collect and organise relevant information using mathematics and smart computer techniques. You also use models and computers for data analysis. The ultimate objective is to develop user-friendly software and intelligent systems for -among others-  healthcare, IT, robotics and commercial gaming. Upon graduation, you can look forward to a promising career, as data scientists and knowledge engineers are in high demand. The Harvard Business Review  even labeled data scientist as 'The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century'.


Fast facts

  • unique combination of computer science, mathematics and Artificial Intelligence
  • gain relevant work experience in year 2 and 3 through KE @ Work
  • 3-year, full-time bachelor's, taught in English
  • no numerus fixus, starts in September
  • weekly: 16 hrs classes, 4 hrs projects, 20 hrs independent study
  • you'll get an BSc in Data Science and Knowledge Engineering
  • Binding Study Advice (at least 40 out of 60 ECTS credits in year 1)


Why this programme?

Knowledge is central to modern society. Smart chips help companies keep track of goods and manage supplies and stocks. New, high-tech communication devices, such as mobile phones, navigation instruments and digital cameras, are greatly enhanced by intelligent software and medical and biological engineering help medical doctors arrive quickly at accurate diagnoses.


As a Data Science and Knowledge Engineering student, you'll study methods to approach new challenges in these important areas. You’ll generate new knowledge by gathering and ordering valuable information using mathematics and intelligent computer techniques. The knowledge you'll acquire can in turn be used to take decisions or solve problems efficiently.



Building bridges between theory and practice

In contrast to more traditional programmes in computer science and mathematics, Knowledge Engineering takes a targeted, practical and applied approach. You'll learn to build bridges between theory and practice and you’ll be able to apply solutions to data problems in a broad range of settings, such as logistics, robotics and medicine. You’ll use techniques from:

  • computer science, with an emphasis on software, programming, algorithms and logic
  • applied mathematics, including the practical application of major mathematical concepts, methods and techniques
  • artificial intelligence, including ways to reason using available knowledge and an introduction to machine learning and intelligent search

The programme will provide you with a broad base in mathematics and computer science, but it also includes courses on knowledge management, cognitive psychology, logic and the philosophy of science.



Project-Centered Learning

Project Centered Learning (PCL) is an innovative, application-centred instructional method used at DKE.  You'll work on projects in small groups of 5-6 students, applying recently acquired knowledge to open ended problems, that are often based on real-world situations. The assignments you'll work on are may be provided from companies and organisations in healthcare, IT and logistics. You  could, for example, be asked develop a program that records river water levels and issues timely flood warnings for a local government. But you may also be asked to study the traffic flow at major highways and road junctions and come up with effective ways to manage them.

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