ANDRUPOS is a leading edge web based automated document examination system capable of authenticating document biometrics, such as used printer, used paper, used security features. ANDRUPOS is a game changer in document fraud detection of banknotes, passports, breeder documents, stamps, tickets, contracts, invoices, financial documents, threatening letters and other.

It enables for the first time an automatic reliable detection method, giving quick and confident forensic reports on used printer/substrates. This information can be used to detect fraud, but also to classify fraud.

The most innovative feature however is to store the data of the document (without personal information) and compare any new document with stored data. Different counterfeits and cases that are made with the same source can be traced back to specific equipment (used by organized criminal groups). Normally it takes a lot of time and a document expert to extract this information from a document. With Andrupos it can be done automatically by anyone who can use a scanner. The evidence obtained from these document analysis will provide useful forensic information to law enforcement, security and intelligence agencies.

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