Chapter8 are digital security specialists drawn from the the highest levels of state and

corporate security professionals.


Traditionally, cyber security tests were carried out from the perspective of the attacker, or

the Red Team. The Blue Team, or defender perspective, was only added as an afterthought.

Chapter8’s unique methodology combines the skills and perspectives of both Red and Blue

Teams. The result, a nation-state level Purple Team, is worth more than the sum of its parts.

It brings about the real change of mindset needed to improve your security over time.

Instead of finding a way in from the outside, Chapter8 starts from within. Our central

question is: “What do you need to protect at all costs?” Once your organization’s Crown

Jewels are identified, we start the Mission.


The Chapter8 approach brings clarity about what is most important to your organization.

Our unique Purple Team approach identifies weaknesses in your technical infrastructure

and security mindset, and works to educate, repair, and heal these potential breaches. Are

you safe now? How sure are you?

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