The development of artificial intelligence (AI) is inescapable. In the coming ten years, the prosperity and well-being of the Netherlands will be greatly influenced by our decisiveness in embracing the rise of AI in the private and public sector. The attitude cannot be wait-and-see, the Netherlands can only strengthen its prosperity and well-being by being a significant player in research and application of AI in various sectors. Only through this can we continue to operate autonomously in areas that are of economic and social importance.


AI is not a goal in itself, but a powerful means to maintain and expand our international competitive position and to solve economic and social issues. In all cases, a strong commitment to and acceptance of technology is of great importance, as well as new entrepreneurship in new areas of application that will arise.


The Dutch AI Coalition (NL AIC) aims to stimulate, support and where necessary organize the Dutch activities in AI. The NL AIC wants the Netherlands to be able to participate in the frontrunners in Europe in the field of knowledge and application of AI, for the benefit of prosperity and well-being while respecting Dutch and European norms and values. This requires a collaborative chain approach, in which the government, companies, educational and research institutions and social organizations work together.


The NL AIC brings organizations together to tackle the challenges of these areas of application with AI, including government social missions.


The NL AIC wants to support AI initiatives in areas of common interest. For this reason, parties from government, business, research and educational institutions and civil society organizations have taken the initiative to set up the NL AIC. The NL AIC functions as the catalyst for AI in our country.