Oddity is a frontrunner on anomaly detection on live video footage. Based on an advanced machine- and deep learning techniques, we are the first to accurately detect violence on live video material. Oddity sends alerts real-time to the surveillance staff when violence occurs under the eye of the camera, whereafter a fight can be deescalated, or even prevented.


Oddity is fully integrated with video management systems, like Genetec or Milestone. This is extremely beneficial for the surveillance room because Oddity operates on the background and only sends alerts in their management system when necessary. Therefore, we are a small, but crucial, piece of a large security puzzle.


Our mission is to increase public safety by integrating Oddity in the surveillance room by detecting violence as it occurs. Moreover, our deep learning algorithm is flexible to add additional oddities in the future. We develop these oddities together with partners such as law enforcement, municipalities, observation centers, private security companies, and security integrators.


We believe through human and machine cooperation, Oddity can bring public safety to a whole new level.

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