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How can you use cryptography to exchange information without sharing sensitive data? What are all the uses blockchain will offer us in the future? At TNO you come up with solutions to these kinds of interesting issues. But that is not all.



How do we create cryptographic protocols that can withstand the enormous power of quantum computers? How can you use cryptography to exchange information without sharing sensitive data? What are all the uses blockchain will offer us in the future? At TNO you come up with solutions to these kinds of interesting issues. But that is not all. With the software you develop, we demonstrate the solutions to our clients.


In the cryptography team of the Cyber Security & Robustness department, you work on innovative projects, often together with partners from the business community, governments or knowledge institutes in and outside the Netherlands. For example, we are currently working intensively on secure multi-party computation. Think of banks that seek to detect fraudulent transactions together, without revealing their customers’ payment data to competitors. Or hospitals and insurance companies that want to safely combine their patient databases in order to gain insight into healthcare costs.


Together with your colleagues, you devise cryptographic protocols that enable the secure exchange of information, today and in the future. Have you found a cryptographic solution? Then you develop the software needed to show the customer how the protocols work. In addition to the research, you also undertake very practical work. Furthermore, you can to a large extent organise your own work. Do you like working abroad on a project for the EU? Or would you like to see your name shine under a scientific publication? TNO offers you all the possibilities.

You have – like us – a fascination for the wonderful world of cryptography. You may even have tried to design a cryptographic protocol yourself. Or are you a resourceful hacker who can crack complex cryptographic keys? But it is not just at the computer that you excel. You are also good at collaborating in project teams and communicating with clients and colleagues. And do you get stuck or cannot work something out? No problem. Because you sound the alarm in good time, you can tackle the problem together with your colleagues. What else can you offer?

  • A university degree in technology, preferably in the field of computer science or information technology.
  • Knowledge of software development and programming languages, such as Python, C++ or Java.


You will join Cyber Security & Robustness, a department consisting of about fifty professionals and two managers. When it comes to cryptography expertise, we belong to the top of the Netherlands. You may want to start working in Groningen. You will then join an office with about fifteen colleagues from your department. Advantage: here you know everyone by name. If you choose The Hague, you will be working in a larger office with flexible workplaces and colleagues who go for a walk in the city on their lunch break. Both locations have an open atmosphere radiating team spirit. Your team consists of a mix of junior and medior employees and a number of experienced specialists.


The work is challenging and varied. And with lots of opportunities, because at TNO, you are to a large extent in charge of your career. Besides a gross monthly salary in scale 10(depending on your knowledge and experience), holiday allowance and a thirteenth month, you will have ample possibilities to develop yourself. Perhaps you would want to grow into becoming a senior consultant, focus more on project management, or have a career as a business developer. At TNO, you can also put together your own ‘menu’ of terms of employment that suits your individual situation. Whatever you expect.

  • Good guidance, for example through our Talent Development Programme. Furthermore, you have the possibility to do courses, training programmes and workshops, and attend conferences.
  • 28 days of holiday and 5 ATV days (additional days of paid leave on the basis of full-time employment).
  • A very innovative and inspiring work environment, with high-calibre experts as colleagues.
  • Travel allowance or a bicycle.
  • Fun activities with your TNO colleagues, so you can get to know people quickly.
  • Flexible working hours and freedom to work wherever you want. For example at home or at our other locations in The Hague, Soesterberg and Groningen.
  • Access to the network and the fun activities of Young TNO.
  • Any coaching you may require.
  • A good pension scheme.