“Safety and security concern the physical and the digital, the perception and the reality”


For prosperity and wellbeing it is crucial that society is safe and secure, and feels it too. For TNO it is important to support those parties that give us this safety and security. Whether this is the Ministry of Defence, the police, fire services or business and industry, we use our knowledge and technology to create innovations for those people who are committed to our safety and security every day.


Through National Security & Crisis Management TNO focuses on threat analysis, risk assessment, capacity planning, risk and crisis control, counterterrorism and combating organised crime as well as the comprehensive approach taken in fragile states and areas of conflict. International and national safety and security are, after all, inextricably linked.


At TNO Cyber Security we see both the risks and the rewards of our cyber world. We make it possible to capitalise on the opportunities now and in the future. We debate the right issues and create in-depth, comprehensive research and innovative solutions. We make our society and economy secure, resilient and successful. In short: We make cyber work for you.




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