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Artificial intelligence is constantly making headlines and computer vision is all over the news. But if working for a startup building a classifier for cats on Instagram or as the lone data scientist in a large department within an even larger multinational is not your thing, then consider this:


At ZiuZ, our mission is to achieve worldwide impact with products that contribute to socially relevant issues. Our engineers work in multidisciplinary teams to develop innovative hardware and software solutions centered around computer vision and pattern recognition. You are responsible for developing the algorithms that drive our products. You are a strong addition our Research department, where your peers are highly trained engineers with backgrounds in computer vision, machine learning and electronics.


What is your role as Research Engineer?

Your work focuses on practical applications of AI. You are responsible for researching, developing and testing machine learning algorithms, like CNNs, to create models optimized for robust performance in the field. These algorithms are developed and deployed in Python and C# and make use of relevant image/video processing and machine learning libraries like TensorFlow, Open CV and FFmpeg. The algorithms will be integrated into the software suites used by our customers around the world and must therefore conform to our quality standards.


At ZiuZ, new product development takes place within project teams and often involves close collaboration with external development partners including universities and research institutes. You are in contact with customers to understand technology requirements, as well as to answer questions and make necessary improvements to the many products already in their hands.


What do you bring to the table?

We are in search of a computer scientist with relevant experience developing ML algorithms and a degree in computing science or AI (WO, 2-5 years of work experience). A track record in product-development is highly advantageous. Mastery of Python is a must; familiarity with Linux and Windows is highly beneficial. Proficiency programming in C# (and C++) enables you to swiftly bring your algorithms to life, initially in proof of concept demonstrators and later in commercial products, as well as to seamlessly interact with colleagues in the Software Development department.


You structure complex challenges and strike a balance between working independently and sparring with teammates. You think in solutions rather than problems and have the confidence to speak up and share your ideas. Setting priorities and finding robust solutions comes naturally. You are a quick learner and have the focus to see projects through to fruition. Above all you are curious, analytical and take a hands-on approach to technology development.


Computer vision is at the heart of ZiuZ’s innovative product portfolio, thus an affinity for vision systems and image (and video) processing is essential. Because many of our products serve customers in law enforcement, you should be able to provide a Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG) upon request. Colleagues at ZiuZ hail from around the world, you must therefore be adept at communicating in both English and Dutch.


What does ZiuZ offer?

In addition to a full-time position and a comprehensive employee benefits package, ZiuZ offers a supplement to your primary salary to be used toward personal pension accrual, a commuting allowance and a standard expense allowance, including provisions for home internet and mobile phone expenses. Furthermore, ZiuZ offers 27 vacation days per year and reserves budget for professional training for each and every employee.


At ZiuZ you will experience a working environment in which innovation and the development of high-quality products that apply cutting-edge visual and artificial intelligence technologies are the order of the day. As a company, it is of paramount importance to us that you continue to develop yourself and invest in relationships with your peers. The ZiuZ Research Board supports employees in expanding knowledge and developing technical competencies through the exploration of new tools and technologies. We make room for informal contact amongst colleagues on a daily basis through company-wide coffee breaks and daily lunches. We also organize recreational activities such as game events, mountain biking excursions, family days and trips to watch the marathon skating team that ZiuZ sponsors race over the finish line.


Are you curious about this role and would you like to know more about working at ZiuZ? Don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’d be happy to tell you more.


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