Cyber, Security, Security Professionals, ICT, Cybersecurity analist
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Master (EQF 7), Bachelor (EQF 6)
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As a security analyst you have an interest in working hands-on on technical IT security challenges concerning security monitoring, threat intelligence and security analytics. You will work in a team with other security analysts and engineers and will research and analyze threats, and deliver quality services for our clients.



As a security analyst you will be a part of our growing team of cyber professionals, all of which share a passion for technical security challenges. You will work on a variety of different technical assignments within the security domain. These could either be performed at client location or at our Cyber Intelligence Center at The Hague. Within our Cyber Intelligence Center we provide managed security services for clients. Examples of assignments you would work on are onboarding our clients on our services, performing security monitoring and threat hunting or researching emerging threats. Your role within our team may vary somewhere between advisory services towards clients or internal development in our Cyber Intelligence Center, depending on your personal preferences. Our expectations are matched to your preferences, background and experience. What matters most for us is that you are a team player with affinity for technology who is not afraid to learn.

As an analyst we will offer you a job where not only you can use your technical knowledge and experience, but where above all you will expand it. You will work our team which shares affinity and experience for security technology. We are avid visitors of conferences and organize a lot of internal demos and activities. Because of this, you will learn and discover a lot in a relative short period. We value that you keep developing yourself and that your activities within the team continue to challenge and enjoy you. That our cyber team keeps growing every year is a testament to the good atmosphere and satisfaction within our team. In consultation with your manager you will determine your own training program. Examples of frequently chosen trainings are CISSP, TOGAF, OSCP and CSSLP, but we also offer a wide variety of internal trainings.


Types of projects

As a security analyst, there are several types of projects where you could work on. Some examples:

  • Onboarding new clients on our security monitoring and threat hunting platform and delivering continuous high quality services
  • Advising, designing and building a scalable multi-tenant security monitoring and analytics platform based on Elasticsearch and Hadoop technology;
  • Advising and building threat intelligence solutions and processes for clients;
  • Developing custom interfaces between security event data sources and security monitoring/ analytics solutions like Splunk, ELK, Kafka and Hadoop;
  • Connecting various open source components for the purpose of security orchestration and automation;

Job activities

  • Discovering and building your personal interests, qualities and expertise;
  • Hunting and researching potential threats within our client IT networks, but also emerging threats on the internet;
  • Working in a team and adding value on technical assignments in our Cyber Intelligence Center;
  • Advising clients on technical content and presenting (and building) technical solutions that match the clients situation and environment;
  • Operationally carrying out projects and ensuring high quality results.

Your Profile

We are looking for new security engineers for our cyber teams with immediate effect. Are you interested in security and technology and do you want to understand and solve technical security challenges? Does the above job description fits and excites you? Then we would very much like to meet with you! Apart the job description, we expect you to meet the following qualifications:

  • A HBO (University of Applied Sciences) or WO (University) Bachelor/Master degree;
  • Interested in:
       - IT atomization technology (e.g. Ansible, Puppet, Salt, Windows DSC, etc);
       - Virtualization technology (e.g. VMware, KVM, Xen, Hyper-V, etc.);
       - Linux container technology (e.g. Docker, LXC/LXD, etc.);
       - Identity and access management (e.g. Active Directory, OpenLDAP, IPA, etc.);
       - Virtual cloud infrastructure (e.g. Azure, AWS, Rackspace, etc.);
       - SIEM, Log management, security analytics, VPN, storage, ELK, Apache big data;
       - OS (Windows and Linux);
       - Networking technology;
       - IDS, IPS.

  • Excellent communication skills (oral, written and listening);
  • Strong team player with ability to take charge of their area of expertise and ability to coordinate with other teams and instances;
  • The ability to work under pressure of time and the ambition to further develop yourself.

Risk Advisory

Around 600 professionals are employed in Risk Advisory within in four different service areas:

  • Governance, Regulatory & Risk (GRR)
  • Control, Transformation & Analytics (CTA)
  • Cyber Risk Services (CRS)
  • Technology Enabled Solutions (TES)

These four competencies include professionals like Data Analysts, IT Auditors, Internal Auditors, Risk Consultants and Security experts. Since all professionals are experts in their own field, they complement one another perfectly. The teams regularly include a mix of different competencies. Our services are mainly performed from the Amsterdam office but many times you will also be working on‑site, at clients in the Netherlands and abroad.