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Are you a Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) with excellent system-, network-, security- and software engineering skills and would you like to contribute to the improvement of information security of organizations worldwide? Then this job opening is an excellent fit for you!  

Guardian360 is looking for an SRE with passion for automation and software engineering to join our team. 


Your role 

Your main challenge is to design, maintain and automate our infrastructure in a Cloud Native environment. You are able to deliver a secure layer for our container orchestration and related components that are used to deliver new features for our partners and customers. Writing tests for everything you build is second nature as you want to provide reliable software that detects potential issues before hitting production.

Instead of messing around with manual deployments, it makes you happy that all deployments are set up using a single source of truth, the GitOps way. All deployments are rolled out in the most automated, simplified, efficient, scalable and secure way. You are critical in looking at the work of other members of the team and wherever possible will go the extra mile to help improve our work in a structural way. Not only by changing the technical components but also in helping your colleagues improve.

You recognize that Site Reliability Engineering is not only a technical role but is a methodology to raise the bar for the whole organization.

The importance of keeping a 24/7 high-uptime customer facing platform running excites you and you go high and above to achieve reliability. People describe you as a control freak, you want to gain insight in all layers of our stack and use observability technology to achieve this.

Besides managing our infrastructure, you are a software engineer at heart and for a chunk of your time you pick up the development of new features for our security platform. Agile is the way you move through life and that’s how you embrace software engineering to accomplish your end goals. Throughout this process you document everything on-the-fly as this is what you naturally love and do. You emphasize the importance in the team that documentation is available for everyone to get started on anything.

You don’t shy away from customer reliability engineering and recognize why understanding the customer’s needs is of upmost relevancy for everything we are building. Your communication skills are fluent, and you are able to carefully listen and read what our partners, customers and colleagues are saying, while at the same time you are able to formulate excellent responses in both written and spoken form.


Nice vacancy but what is the culture like? 

The Guardian360 team currently works from the Netherlands, South Africa and Thailand. The team’ s working language is English. In the morning (time zone UTC+1) there is a lot of room for working together, while in the afternoon there is time to work independently. Of course, there are also colleagues available to consult with during the afternoon.  

Our culture is mainly characterized by ‘working together’. We work hard but also take enough time to share fun moments together. Personal fit with all Guardian360 colleagues is essential to be able to perform well.  

Guardian360 works 100% via partners. Our most important partners are in direct contact with the Guardian360 team and have a voice in the content on and priority of the Guardian360 backlog. Our gold and authorized partners are primarily supported by our distributors. However, to ensure that what we do matches what the market is asking of us, the entire team is involved in presales and technical support. 


What do we offer? 

  • The opportunity to work remotely (Global position);
  • You will contribute to the information security of organizations worldwide.
  • The opportunity to lay the foundation for the Guardian360 infrastructure of the future.
  • A steep learning curve in the field of information security.
  • A small and passionate team.
  • You are able to shape the Guardian360 organization by taking on tasks that go beyond your field of expertise.
  • A lot of freedom to shape and implement your front-end vision.
  • A salary that justifies your knowledge and experience.
  • 25 days off each year.
  • Retirement planning.
  • The ability to choose your own laptop or workstation.
  • Monthly chair massage.
  • Unlimited use of our online Academy.
  • Unlimited use of the gym in Utrecht.
  • Social drinks, lunches and other (teambuilding) activities.

What do you bring to the team? 

You have the following competencies:

  • Innovative
  • Ambition
  • Customer engaged
  • Collaboration
  • Effective and transparent communication
  • Creative
  • Learning Ability
  • Self-governance
  • Self-development
  • Analytical thinking
  • Team player
  • Project pairing
  • Blameless
  • Independent 

In addition, you have: 

  • A minimum of five years of work experience in a similar position. This role is only suitable for a professional who can work independently.
  • Strong system-, network-, security- and software engineering background.
  • Breathe software engineering in languages such as Go or Python.
  • Experience with implementing APIs and microservices.
  • Experience with switching between many cutting-edge tools, technology and platforms.
  • Experience in using many different Cloud Native solutions.
  • Strong documentation and writing skills.
  • Experience with container orchestration using Kubernetes and cloud solutions like GKE.
  • Experience with various test frameworks for unit, integration, e2e and browser testing.
  • Experience with CI/CD pipeline solutions such as GitLab or GitHub.
  • All your software is written according to coding standards and verified by linting processes.
  • Experience in as-code solutions with a single source of truth to do configuration management and infrastructure deployments.
  • Strong observability skills; setting up monitoring, alerting and dashboards using tools such as Grafana, Prometheus, Jaeger, Loki, etc.
  • Experience with chaos engineering.
  • Knowledge of the SLA/SLO/SLI concepts and how to apply these in the real world.
  • An optimal workflow by using the right combination of tooling, editors and environment.
  • Strong debug skills: you can debug anything, independent of how low-level you must go.
  • Insight into how operating systems work under the hood.
  • Experience as a specialist that looks beyond your own field of expertise.
  • Of course, it is also extremely important that you are aware of the importance of information security and are able to implement this in your daily workflow.

The following technical tools are in common daily use and are expected from you to be able to work with:

  • Ansible
  • Cloud (GKE)
  • Docker
  • Flux
  • Gloo
  • Go
  • Grafana
  • Hyper-V
  • Jaeger
  • K3d
  • K3s
  • Kubernetes
  • Linux
  • PHP
  • Packer
  • Prometheus
  • Python
  • Terraform
  • VMware
  • Vagrant
  • Windows

About Guardian360 

The mission of Guardian360 is to rebelliously increase justice on the digital infrastructure. We strongly believe it is unfair that organizations and people have invested in IT resources and cannot use them without fear of criminals.

We are fulfilling this mission by developing a software platform that empowers people worldwide to be “in control” of their information security. That means empowering those responsible for “the business” to perform risk management. Those responsible for “IT” are empowered to perform those technical actions necessary to increase information security. The rebellious part is that we really work in a different way, we dare to make unpopular choices, we question the sense of introducing more and more functions and data, and sometimes simply make a different choice than others in our industry.

Our colleagues decide how many days a week they work from home and, if even possible, how many days they are in the office. The headquarters of Guardian360 is in Utrecht and is easily accessible by public transport, bicycle and car. It is also possible to work at one of the offices in Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Bodegraven or Zwolle. Our offices are fully equipped: good coffee, tea, club mate, height adjustable desks, collaboration rooms, concentration rooms and gym.


Our hiring process

We’ll go through this process together:

  1. Read the vacancy (well done 😉).
  2. Apply.
  3. First interview.
  4. Personality tests.
  5. Directors’ interview.
  6. Trial day.
  7. Evaluation.
  8. Offer.
  9. Onboarding.